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Use Case vs Setup choice


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Hi All,

I'm finally getting to set up my Gen8.


It has a E3 1265L@2.4, 16gb ram, 2xsamsung 840 SSD, 4 x 4tb reds, P222 raid card.


I'm looking to use it for a house NAS, and also to run some stuff so our devices can use it as a cloud based store, can run music from it, centralised photo library etc, and also a TV server to pass HD Homerun into Kodi machines arount the house.


Is it wise to run ESXI6.0 and  the Virtualise FreeNAS? If so I could also have  a second VPC to handle torrenting, Mediacentermaster, Kodi library etc. take these jobs off my older HTPC which will be replaced with a smaller client eventually?


What would you do if it was yours?


Thanks for any time and input, bit of a newb here :(




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The way I did it was a VM machine with openmediavault (OMV). It has a OwnCloud plugin to handle the away from home part of the NAS. It has a miniDLNA plugin for media and a Transmission Plugin.

The bare-metal HOST OS doesn't really matter. My choice was Windows 2012 Hyper-V Core Server.

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