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External Backup Never Spins Down


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im running server 2012R2 on a Lenovo TS140 server, my problem is (if you can call it a problem) is that no matter what i do the external backup drive will never spin down. I used to run server 2012 on a HP N45L and that would spin down.


So far i have tried:


Differernt drives, WD 1TB Green & Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Usb 2 and usb3 ports

3 or 4 different external hard drive caddys

I have even fitted an esata card to try out that interface but i still get the same thing.


And with all of the above different permutations



I found an option in the power settings for turning off hard drives after 10mins but this is greyed out, plus its only the external drive i am worried about.I also found a seperate option in the control disk setting of stablebit scanner but these seems not to work as it looks greyed out but you can change it, plus the changes never seem to take affect.




Has anyone else got this problem or indeed has a working backup drive that spins down as im stuck now with what to do?



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Mine doesn't spin down but didn't expect to!

 why wouldnt expected it to? i thought it would do as its only a backup drive that doesnt get used until it timed back up from my understanding. seems a little silly to have it spun up if its not being used.

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I have had 5 USB external drive caddy's both USB 2 & 3.  When they are attached to a PC via the cable and a drive is inserted then the drive spins up. That's the way they all worked and I have never thought that might spin down when not being "in use" by the PC just the same as internal drives.

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