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4 bay not working N54L


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Hi Guys


So it been a while and i have been running Windows 2012 for several years without issue

I got hit here for not really understanding storage spaces in detail atthe time and although i was adding disk i was not gaining much on the first small disk i had added.  So for a noob like me that is time poor and not much admin skills i wanted my next upgrade to be a little more forgiving so i am trying out stable drive pool to graphically manage the disks and be able to add remove upgrade a little like the old home server


It was time to upgrade to 2012 R2 as the disks were running out of space, so while i was at it i updated the 5th OS disk to ssd and replaced some of the smaller disk with larger ones.



So after the shock of not being able to upgrade the os due to the NIC driver, i installed a modded bios to fix the nic issue and also keep the 5th disk as the os disk (Modded Tobi OO BIOS)


So it fighting me....


Its boots into 2012 r2 off the ssd but i cant see the 4 drive bays


I can see the disks in bios, and i can also see them in device manager but not in disk management or in drive pool


Do i miss something. Its hard to see if i miss anything like drivers as it locked behind HP firewall (why have they done this, certainly make me think twice about my next server)


Please help, 2 young kids off of school with no movies to watch






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