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Gen8 price in the US


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Hi everyone,


TL;DR version: I can't find the Gen8 for cheaper than $430 in the US. Where have you bought yours and for how much?


Regular version:

I'll be moving from France to the US (California) in the next months. I have a Gen8 here and I love it!

Considering that taking this little beast with me would be an inconvenience (weight, shipping costs, customs, etc) and also how cheap this server is, I thought that I could take that opportunity to:

- leave it behind with one of my siblings (with fiber connection), and use it as an offsite backup NAS;

- and buy a new one there.


But after looking around for some time, the cheaper I can find un the US is $470 (incl shipping) with a third-party seller at Amazon. This is way more expansive than here.

We can find the Gen8 pretty much all the time for 215€ ($240) including shipping around Europe. I upgraded it with a E3-1265L an 16GB for more or less 250€ ($280).

So my grand total was an equivalent of $520, which I find pretty decent  if you consider the specs after upgrade.

But my total in the US would be $750... In that price range why not considering higher end lines of products, like the ML10, ML310e, or maybe Dell or Lenovo? This ML310e for $520 is bigger, better (no need for CPU, up to 32GB RAM, ...) and cheaper. Admittedly it needs more RAM, but I'd be happy to add just 1x8GB at $70 and sit at 12GB for a while. And we're still under $600. 


What sold me on the Gen8 is that it's dirty cheap and whatever the limitations are, it still carries a very good value. At almost twice the price, I'm not that impressed.

So I guess my questions to you guys are:

  1. Is it possible to find the Gen8 for cheaper than what I found? Maybe it's just that I'm not looking at the right places, I still need to educate myself on how to shop efficiently in the US :)
  2. If +/- $450 is the regular price, how do you make the case for buying it against higher end products that cost the same price? Are you just willing to pay a premium for the small form factor?

Thanks for reading, and thank you even more for your answers!

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I haven't seen sales on the Gen8 MicroServer for awhile -- I got mine at newegg over 2yrs ago for around $320 when they had it on sale and I was able to use a coupon.


Tiger Direct has the ML10v2 http://biz.tigerdirect.com/product/itemKey/103016340

at ~350 now but has been running it off/on sale at $299 with Xeon which is a very good price compared to the Xeon MicroServer http://biz.tigerdirect.com/product/itemKey/102524301and http://biz.tigerdirect.com/product/itemKey/102542562


I've been keeping a close eye on TD and hope to post to the deals next time they drop the ML10v2 to $299 again -- Schoondoggy picked one up on sale at that price that he did an unboxing with at the Sept 12th Meetup -- check the pics of the meetup

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If you think the US is pricy come try from Canada. Lowest price on the ML10 unit similarly configured with the Xeon, no ram no hdd etc is in Canada is $629 almost double the US price. Cheapest I can find an HP Microserver G8 with a Xeon and bare bones is about $800. This is with the CAD hovering around .75 USD. Sadly, even when our dollar is par, we pay more for pretty much everything here. Even on the local used item for sale boards finding a Proliant Microserver with an N40L is $400 or more. Only way to save $$ right now evevn just an hour from the US border is to scour Fleabay.

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