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Videocard for passthruogh


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I wanna add videocard to microserver I have, got some silly questions:

1. What is better to use for pass-through: nvidia or amd radeon?

I've heard that radeon works better with esxi pass through, right?

On the other hand I'm looking at nvidia quadro nvs 310, and I suppose quadro should work good too.


2. I would like to connect one or two displays. There's a technology named MST when you conect two displays in daisy chain. And it's present in Radeon 6000 series.

Question is: does every radeon 6000 supports this or not? I'm looking at hp radeon 6450 card, with display port, but I'm not sure if I can drive two displays from it?

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Just FYI:

bought a dell 8489 with displayport and dvi.

Was able to pass this to vm, and run two 27" 2560x1440 displays in MST and radeon eyefinity. 

That covers pretty much all I need.

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