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No ReadyNAS?


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Just curious why there is no support for Netgears ReadyNAS line of NAS boxes?

Welcome to the forums! Simply put there is no demand for it on these forums, We are mostly Synology & QNAP users at this time. If at a later time ReadyNAS gets traction on this forum then maybe it mite get added.

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NAS platforms come in tons of brands.  Plenty have great hardware.  The trick is the software.


There are a few NAS boxes I'd pick up cheap if all I wanted was backup or an iSCSI target (which is why I'm setting up a Thecus N4200Pro 4-bay; I got it as a piece of kit about to be recycled).  The Netgear ReadyNAS boxes (remember when ReadyNAS was its own company before NG bought them?) are on that list too.  If you want anything more than that though, the game changes.


Synology and QNAP have the advantage they do because they have a unified platform.  All Synology NAS boxes run DSM, and QNAP boxes run QTS.  This unified platform means that no matter which model you buy, you get the same front end.  You also get the same availability of apps, meaning you can upgrade from a 2-bay to a 4-bay or to a newer model and just move any apps you use on over.  This is far from a guarantee with any other vendor, and app availability is a lot less.


Also, DSM and QTS have fairly long-term support.  The Synology DS210j, five years old (we're now on the 216 line) supports DSM 5.2, which is quite recent, the DS211j, around four years old supports the brand-new DSM 6.0.  QNAP is similar.  It's hard to find any other vendor who has this kind of software support; plenty of NAS boxes lose updates within 1-2 years of purchase, and maybe get 1-2 updates.  It means that Synology and QNAP also get fixes when security advisories occur.


Lots of companies make a great storage box; few make the software that makes that box a great product.  I'm betting ASUSTOR boxes are having a hard time breaking into the market for just that reason; they're pretty nice looking and I'm sure they work quite well, but the top two players are well-situated.

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