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Returned from a great week at the beach, then:


1. heat didn't work, only to discover HVAC repairman didn't connect fan wire for heat when 

he replaced control board this summer (okay, I took it out when I installed Iris thermostats, but still)

2. Wife's NY Giants were stomped the Eagles

3. Now her Cubs are getting killer by the Mets

4. But what really matters is my last Green drive has died which contained my client backups. Guess

the clicking is a bad thing. 


I have most everything backed up to CrashPlan or to other appropriate cloud services while still being

on their respective clients. I just took out the Green drive from the DrivePool pool. I've started client

backups again with the remaining drives. 


I'm waiting for Black Friday deals to see if there are any good deals on a 4 to 6 bay NAS.


The one remaining problem is recreating the stock Documents folder. Every drive/folder I move it to says

it can't be installed on the root of the drive or in a folder that contains a shared folder. I've worked past this

before, but can't remember how.


What am I doing wrong? 

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