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Getting parts together for a home lab virtualization server


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The BYOD bug bit, so I am piecing together a new server. So far I have ordered:



Fractal Design Node 804


SPARKLE Magna GOLD PRO series R-FSP850-50TGM


4 X 16GB SK hynix HMA42GR7MFR4N-TF TD PC4-2133P DDR4-2133P ECC REG


I need to do some research on XEON E5-1600/2600 v3 series CPU.

Any input is appreciated.

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I will do something with a D1540 board sometime in the future. The EPC612D4U family seems to be an easy way to get to 64GB and a E5 XEON, plus 10GbE and 8 port LSI SAS on board.

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I use an 804 for my HTPC/Games machine as the graphics cards would not fit (dimensions say they should, but it does not work) in the 605.


My observations on the 805 is I would want 50-60cm or so SATA cables (I do not know exact length as I am using a PCI-E M.2 SSD), and I would want to either sheath them (ideally as a bundle) or zip tie them as whilst it is large inside you do want to keep it clean to help airflow. If you are planning to install a slimline ODD note that there is no front button for it on the case, and the power button is where it should be, I have shut my PC down on several occasions by forgetting this.


They way the disks mount on the rails in the server (on the right hand side if you are looking front on IIRC) I would be concerned about airflow (or rather lack there of) and consequently heat buildup in the area if using high rotational speed or large disks, you may be able to put a fan there but I would need to check my brackets as I have removed mine. Also as the disks are mounted to one side it will have lop-sided weight distribution to the side with the disks which make make it hard to move if you intend to move it often, the size/shape already make it more difficult to move compared to a regular "tower" design, although not to bad.


The front vents also fill with dust quickly so a weekly wipe over with a damp cloth to remove dust is in order.


I also had issues with my chosen PSU and its cable length getting to the power inlets on the motherboard, they are a little tighter than I would, but this will be dependent on your specific hardware choices

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