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LastPass Alternative?


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Many people were put off by LogMeIn when they abruptly changed their pricing structure.

It appears many people haven't forgotten that now that LogMeIn has purchased LastPass.

Numerous competitors are offering some pretty attractive deals to attract switchers.


Does this change of ownership bother anyone or are you staying the course?

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Staying the course. For now.

Same.  However, if it changes.... then I'll probably end up jumping ship.

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Seen a lot of good deals as they compete for new customers if you just want to try them. 


Scored a free year of DashLane off of Appsumo. Better UI than LastPass, but UX just didn't work.

They're also $40/yr which I don't understand how they think they can command twice the

rate of most products. 



Just registered for a free year of Sticky Password to try it out. So far pretty decent. They're having 

a sale where for $50 you get a Lifetime License. Also 50% off the year license which makes it

$10, but the link below gives you 1-year 1-user for free.


http://macappsonsale.com/app/sticky-password-premium-giveaway-coupon-sale- Mac in title, but works on all platforms.



RoboForm also giving 50% off of 1-year license for 1-year.




1Password is having a 40% sale on most of their products. Some comments have about the product have been

poor as of late, but I haven't personally used it in quite a while. For them the licensing scheme is variable

and at full price can get expensive. There may also be a .x upgrade fee. 




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I used 1password unitl a year ago when I switched to Lastpass


1password worked fine on chrome but not so well on IE or firefox


the mobile support was spotty -    apparently fine on IOS but marginal on android and unusable on windows phone


it also doesnt sync unless you have dropbox installed on each client



I am going to continue using lastpass until I get some indication otherwise



Logmein is a solid company -    Microsoft uses their software for support

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Been using Roboform for 15 years. Not changing now.  Connects to my 3 browsers, syncs to all my machines and has a home page with all my favouite sites.  One click and I am in.  But you have to pay for it.

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I am staying with LastPass, at least for now until something better comes along, I do like their YubiKey support and their security check features. Any competitor I switch to would have to have those features as a minimum to get me to even entertain the idea.


As for remote support I have used a number of options, but I still use VPN to the site and then RDP where possible, although I am playing around with using SSH tunnels as that would be easier to maintain for small sites

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