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Noisy, or just me?


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Hi all


I've been running my TS140 as an ESXi host for the past 3 weeks now and I'm really pleased with the performance. My one niggle is the noise / vibration I'm getting from the unit.


I currently have the following installed


20GB memory (4GB stick plus 2 x 8GB stick - sub optimal I know, but need to wait a little before I push the button on the next 16GB pack!)

2 x 3TB drives (7200rpm - one Seagate, one Toshiba)

1 x 1TB drive (came with unit - think it's a Seagate Constallation)

1 x SSD

Factory DVD drive

ESXi is installed on a USB


The vibration is coming from both the bottom drive caddy (where the supplied HDD is installed) and the middle drive with the front fan (drive is attached with screws). The net result as a low constant drone which eases off if a hand is placed on the top or side of the case.


Is anyone else experiencing similar issues, or has any tips for noise reduction?






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