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Suggestion for new category: Backup


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Be grateful if admins would consider the idea of a new fixed topic under 'Storage' ...

... because once you've stored it ...

... now you have to back it up!


How do you do that with the OS's native functions?

What specific applications are there which improve on the vanilla offerings?

What regimes have proved successful? (Or failed!)

What are the ins and outs of various choices in software and regimes?


Or am I blind again and it's already there?


See ... when I start a new topic ... I get the option to 'Attach files up to 1MB'.

Why can't I attach a (small) file to any reply?

(That way when I waffle on for too long ... people can spare themselves the agony by NOT reading the attachment ...

... but occasionally when I have a good idea ... it's worth opening the attachment ;-) )


I've stopped waffling, already.


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With Veeam getting some airplay , plus the options available in the post "WHS2011" world, this sounds like a good idea



Looking into some of the native features for this in Windows 10 -    




Very interesting -   would like to see some discussion on the various options we have going forward.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Words ... I have already provided ... on Page 3 of the Cloud Storage/StableBitCloudDrive topic.

I didn't want to burden my (so far unattended) petition for a new topic of Backup with details about StableBit's cloud storage software and Windows 10.

Hence the q.v. ;-) ...


... and I have yet to master the art of 'quote' and 'multiquote' and  'cut and paste' on this forum ;-) ;-)


Who ya' callin' technically challenged ;-) ;-) ;-)

Edited by JackoUK
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Who ya' callin' technically challenged ;-) ;-) ;-)

myself actually. I will see if I can find that post, a link would be so much easier

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