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Gen 8 and LSi 9260-8i


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Currently have a Fujitsu D2616 aka LSI 9261 without BBU which works a dream with ESXi; it is on LSI FW 3.30 June 2014).


Decided to replace it with a true LSI 9260 with BBU (FW 3.30 June 2014), after installing the Gen8 now hangs at Processor Initialization Complete. replacing with 9261 and Gen8 posts fully...The 9260 itself seems fine in my old Dell XPS desktop.


Anyone experienced this?




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My 9260-8i gets quite toasty (more than my SmartArray P222).  While I know this is normal, it would make me reluctant to put it in my Gen8 (I got it for my ThinkServer TS140, where it works just fine).


HP's "officially supported" configurations in the Gen8 only involve SmartArray controllers.  Not saying others won't work, but I'd use a P222 or a P420.

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LoneWolf, many thanks... I initially had a P410 controller installed which when I rebuilt I put in the LSI-9261(D2616) which worked faultlessly - was sitting unused. I picked up the 9260 as it had a BBU and finding a BBU for the other card would have cost nigh on the same...


What I find odd is that a 9261 works and a 9260 doesn't though both seem to have the same firmware, and are much the same card


Of course the 9261 will have been crossed flashed from Fujitsu D2616 FW at somepoint.


Would cross flashing the 9260 to another controller FW, Dell or IBM help? or clearing and re-writing the SBR and FW flash?

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Have found the BIOS hasn't completely hung during post, if it is left for 3minutes it will continue and see the 9260i.


Via the XPS -have cleared and re-flashed with the latest FW using megarec, have extracted the LSI SBR from the 9261 and flashed it to the 9260... using FC there were differences between the two though no change in boot times.


next I am going to try making it a Dell Perc H700...



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The big difference (that I know of) between the 9260-8i and the 9261-8i is that the 61 supports PCIe 3.0; the 60 only supports 2.0.  Which shouldn't matter much performance-wise, but I suppose it could make a difference in the logic used on the PCB.


EDIT:  I misspoke.  It's the 9271-8i that supports PCIe 3.0.  The 9261-8i is hardly any different from the 9261-8i; I think it's mainly the port layout.  Which would explain why your firmware cross-flash worked.

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