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Jumbo frames in mixed MTU environment


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Hello guys.


This is a silly question, but I can't find any definitive information on this subject  ..so I figured I'd just ask here  :rolleyes:


On my home network I do *a lot* of fairly high bandwidth video streaming, which appears to be one of the use cases where jumbo frames can make a real difference to performance.


I've tested by cabling my edit workstations straight to my microserver (MTU 9000 at each end) and sure enough the NLE application does 'feel' snappier. Sure, this is anecdotal evidence.. and I still hit line rate on transfers using standard MTUs.. but it tallies with how lots of big video storage companies deploy their kit.


Moreover, what this really prompts me to ask are bigger questions about mixing MTU's on a home network.


Incidentally I've just picked up a little DLINK switch (DGS-1510), which allows you to set the MTU on a per port basis. It has a 10G uplink to my server.


Where this starts to fall down for me is the best method for integrating devices that do not support jumbo frames.


Indeed - as I understand it, jumbo's are usually best deployed across the entire network. Its almost a requirement that you don't mix frame sizes, for obvious reasons. Specifically, my router does not support them, so I'm wondering how to integrate this properly without having a dedicated VLAN/network for video and internet traffic.



...I mean should I expect the switch to sort things out for me? Since the DLINK user interface allows me to simply leave router the uplink port with the standard MTU, would this be an acceptable approach?


(DLINK support were not very helpful... paid phone support too!)


Any suggestions welcome?


Thanks in advance.


Love HSS  :)



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