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New user, just put my G8 into production at home to replace an old ML110G5, it's running Windows Server 2012.  


Just a few questions regarding the b120i controller:


1. On the old server there was some HP RAID monitoring software that would allow me to work with the array from within Windows.  Is there any monitoring software for the b120i RAID controller?  All I've found is the software that logs Cisseserv events to the system log.


2. In the event of a drive failure in the array, the old server would sound an alarm.  Does this happen on the Microserver?


3. I've come across some instructions on this forum for configuring PRTG to monitor the event log and send notification e-mails, but they are for the G7.  Are these instructions still valid for the b120i in the G8?


Thanks in advance!





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This is the event pass through software:



Not sure if it supports the B120i, but it would be worth trying it.


That's what I've installed and it does work with the B120i, I can see Cisseserv events being logged in the system log.  


While testing, I pulled a drive (with the power off, of course) and the only notification I got was the light on the front of the server changed.


If a drive fails, quietly logging an event to the system log and changing the colour of a light isn't really adequate!  Isn't there an audible alarm that sounds like my old HP server and if not, does the PRTG solution still work on the Gen8?

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