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add a server to the device list?


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I have not actually tried this yet, but was thinking about it...  can the connector be added to a server for remote management via the devices list in Essentials portal?



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not the controller.. no, but rather a member server perhaps for just doing some simple administration while working remotely...  


  I'm sure there are other ways, but since anywhere access has built in tunneling (I believe), it would be super helpful.  I've had it working for client workstations, but sometimes while away or out of town, only my hypervisor is running.

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That's why I asked.....you can only have PDC in a domain, so in this case Essentials cannot be be joined.  Now, a plain server 2012R2 could be joined but it will be come a domain member.


Hold on, just VPN into the existing server.

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That's why I asked.....you can only have PDC in a domain, so in this case Essentials cannot be be joined.  Now, a plain server 2012R2 could be joined but it will be come a domain member.


Hold on, just VPN into the existing server.

hehe, ya... I figured as such.


I think what I may do is just setup a small laptop and hook it in... low power, small footprint, and set it up with W8Enterprise. I could then configure into the VDI setup and also take advantage of the accelerated graphics over RPC.


I think I'll make this a side project over the next couple weeks.


thanks for the reply's y'all... got my head thinking again :)

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If I understand what you're asking, I think the answer is yes.  I have a couple of VM's running Server 2012 R2 Standard that I have joined to my Essentials server as clients.  They do get added to the domain as members as well.  Certain features don't work with servers (backup is the main one I've noticed) but the health monitoring still works and they are available in the web interface to use remote desktop with.


I have not been able to do this with the free Hyper-V server, the connector refuses to install on it (I forget why though, missing component I think).


The VPN connection that is part of Anywhere Access should give you access to the internal network when you're connected, so another option would be use to use that to connect to the network and then use remote desktop the same as you would if you were already on the network.

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