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Single Disk Raid0 conversion to AHCI


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My current setup is...


C:\ - 256GB SSD in ODD Bay set up as RAID0 (Single Disk) containing OS (Windows 2k8 R2 SP1)

1x 1TB HDD RAID0 (Single Disk)

1x 1TB HDD RAID0 (Single Disk)

1x 4TB HDD RAID0 (Single Disk)

1x 4TB HDD RAID0 (Single Disk)


Each of the HDD is added to a Stablebit Drivepool.


My plan

Move everything off of the RAID and change to AHCI so that I can use the S.M.A.R.T. which doesn't appear to work via RAID



In order to do this I need to...

  1. Set up booting from the ODD via SDCard
  2. Enable the AHCI driver in Windows (by editting the registry)
  3. change from RAID to AHCI mode in BIOS

Is there anything I have forgotten?

Do I need to do anything to convert the actual disks out of RAID0 or because they are single disks in a RAID0 pool will they be picked up anyway?

I dont really want to delete any data or reinstall the OS unless I desperatly have to. Rebuilding would be a major pain in the ass.






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Thanks for the pointers.


I recently bought Stablebit Drivepool and set that up, then I saw that they also did Stablebit Scanner but you seem to lose half of the functionality as it cant access the SMART data when the disk is built as part of a RAID.


I will try the driver you pointed to and then I guess its time to make the switch.


I guess I could just pop all of my Data disks out so that at least I am only working on the OS disk, the assumption being that if it worked on that (After taking an image) then it will work with the data disks when I put them back in. That way I dont need to backup 10TB of data to somewhere.

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Tried the driver today, it seems it doesn't grant pass through to the SMART info.


Next step is to find time to carry out the conversion.

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