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I've got my Gen 8 running WHS 2011 currently.  Works like a dream. :-)


I've not used iLO before and not sure if that is the route to go...


I'd like to get my server to reboot on a regular basis, regardless of the OS receiving an update that needs a reboot.


Any ideas how I can do this?


Would it be via the OS (so it shuts down and restarts gracefully) or via iLO?


Thanks in advance.



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You can do it via the Windows Task Scheduler.


Alternately (which is similar), you can use the at command from the command line (recommended: run the command prompt as administrator) to create a scheduled task.




If you look at the Microsoft syntax, you can schedule time.  The command-line command for a server shutdown or restart is shutdown, with a syntax like this:


shutdown -r -t 30


Where -r means reboot, and -t <number> means time, and the number of seconds (my above command would start a reboot countdown of thirty seconds).  You could use 0 for an immediate reboot, or 300 if you want a five minute reboot countdown, or set your own.


So if we add this to our "at" command, here's a basic example:


at 00:30 shutdown -r -t 60


This would set your server up to restart at the next 1:30AM (uses military time) plus sixty seconds.  This would be a one-time command, so we would need to add an additional step, like so:


at 00:30 /every:M,T,W,Th,F shutdown -r -t 60


This would case the server to restart every weekday at 1:30AM plus sixty seconds.

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