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Microserver as replacement for Synology Diskstation


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For many years I have been Running different Synology Diskstations at home. The current one is a DS212j and I am getting ready to upgrade to the new DS216play.

However I was contemplating perhaps supplementing it with a Microserver Gen 8 instead.


I started out with just using it just as a file server with remote access, however over the years I started to use the Download Station for Torrents, Photo Station for photos and Video Station for Streaming videos directly to my iDevices. However since the CPU isnt powerful enough I have to prep the videofiles by remuxing them(Hence the change to the play model). I am also running a rsync backup to another server since I got tired of Crashplan.


In case I choose to buy a Micro server (Running Windows?) I know it is possible to get similar functionality of the Synology without running XPenology. But having invested a lot of time in the Synology OS everything is just very easy for me there. Would it be similarly easy to get the same functionality out of a Microserver?



Remote file access from different client (PC, iPhone)

Remote access to photos using a clever photo app

Streaming videos remotely to different clients (PC, iPhone, iPad)



All input, ideas, suggestions are welcome.

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I have had syno nas for a long time now and use it for sab/sickbeard, plex, email, camera, cloud station, file sharing, music/video sharing. I have been able to replicate all these functions successfully using Xpenology running as a VM on a G8 with esxi 5.5 installed. I had to upgrade the cpu chip in the G8 to an i3 and throw in more memory but it all runs really well. The VM nas is as stable as a real box and it restarts way quicker than a real box. I am still learning the under the hood details of Xpenology and I haven't tried to update the dsm version yet, which I understand can be tricky in a VM environment. USB pass thru works fine and I can also run video station and a usb tv tuner (just experimenting) and can also attach an external usb 3 drive and run syno backup.


I use the onboard raid controller to run the first 2 drive slots in raid 1 for my other VM's and the second 2 drive slots in raid 1 for the xpenology VM and its storage. I have the odd port connected to an ssd which was earmarked for further VM's but I have decided to upgrade all my hardware and reconfigure so that I can exclusively use the G8 and sell my syno nas box.


The G8 properly resourced and setup can definitely run DSM (and much more) much better than a syno box.

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