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2 day deal on TS440 w/ Xeon for $299


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Tiger direct has a black Friday in September deal on the  TS440 for $299.99.  The cheapest I can find the TS140 is about $60 bucks more. 



I was originally looking at the TS140.  Can anyone confirm that TS440 is identical hardware as the TS140 just  in a full size case?  As other posters have mentioned there is not much out there on the 440


I was planning on using this much like a few other posters as a media center service with Ceton tuner, file server, maybe blue iris with a few HIKvision cameras.  


is there a benifit of one platform over the other?  I don't mind the size so much as it will sit in a closet.


So should I pull the trigger on the tiger deal or keep looking for a deal on the TS140?


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The TS440 has the advantage of having slide-out hot-swap drive cages.  That's pretty huge.  You can also do redundant power supplies, though on a home server, I don't think that's a big deal.


On the other hand, you give up the dual DisplayPorts for video that the TS140 has.  To me, that's only a big deal if you're looking to double as a workstation.  The TS140's drive mounting setup, IMO, makes it a more flexible server; it supports more storage, especially if you're willing to add an LSI 9260-8i RAID controller.  The TS140 supports three 3.5" drives out of box (you can do a fourth, but need to do an adapter for the 5.25" bay).


NOTE:  Be aware --it looks like the drive caddies for the TS440 must be ordered separately, which will set you back additional money.  Keep this in mind.

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