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Jumping in the deep end


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I am new to the forum after buying the basic gen8. please bare with me as i think i may of jumpe din the deep end here.


What i am in the process of doing is to have 4 3Tb WD reds in the front bays with a 120Gb & 60Gb SSd fitted to snoos adaptor plate. The SSd will be connected to a PCIe card, a 64gb memory card is in the and I have a cdrw connected.


The 120gig  will have 2012 r2 essentials installed with the 60gig (not fitted yet) for folders hopefully ?. The reds will be either left single drives or made into 2 arrays one being for backups the other for media films tv , music.


I have updated the bios and iLo (2.22) Have downloaded HP updates onto a usb stick.


My noob questions are , in windows the iLo drive/memory seems to be nearly full can it use the memory card? I


Is it possible to use the 60Gb as i would like?


What is the best way to utilise the 2 network conections, bridge them? the iLo is already connected.


I am slowly finding my way round using iLo and the forum has been very helpfull. Though i am finding HP updates a bit of a task to work.?


Am at work at the mo but will upload some pics when all done and find the names of the guys links i found usefull to thanks.


cheers guys

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Just in case nothing makes sense on my hastily thread;

The iLo drive i mentioned being full is actually called VID whatever it actually is. Can this be moved somehow to the SD card?


Is it possible to utilize the 60Gb drive with the server folders from my OS drive ?


Would it be worth me connecting all the network connections ? Currently have the iLo direct and No.1 connections connected.


Would like to thank the following members for there input that helped in the many threads on this forum;


cskenny for the "gen8 links"


phillips321 for "more drives needed" & shonk for his input on the thread


schoondoggy for his great work with the drive bracket, didn't realise I needed the cd drive bracket until i made my order. Luckily managed to make one that works. And also his input about the Arrays abd what they do & don't offer.


Their is masses of information that has simply gone over my head. I am sure i will be posting on here again very soon.

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Hi, I have no idea about the iLo drive.


But maybe you can put some pagefile on your 60gb drive excellerate a little more. But I am no expert for doing this.

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Best way to use the 2 network connections is ...


... since Windows 8/Server 2012 the OS will handle multichannel SMB even using consumer grade switches and without fiddling around with bridging and port joining.

In other words connecting both ports gives potentially 200MBs bandwidth rather than 100MBs.

That relies on you having something to generate that level of traffic ... or accept it!

So e.g. your main workstation would also need 2 network ports and an SSD writing 200MBs.

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