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WS2012R2E - using a 1394B external drive, and it randomly disconnects

Trimble Epic

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Anyone use 1394 with WS2012?  I've got a Drobo S with firewire (800), and it randomly disconnects.  I'm using it to host some of my serverfolders, so it needs to NOT disconnect ;)


I'm running a Lenovo TS140 and I bought a cheap 1394 card to connect it.  (could that be the problem?  a cheap controller?)  I had the Drobo running reliably for several weeks, and then at some point, it started to pull away from the server and fall asleep (which the drobo automatically does when it believes it is not connected to a running computer).


The Drobo also has eSata and USB2, but the USB2 is slow, and when I use eSata, the Drobo can't let the drives sleep (it can sleep the drives without sleeping the unit).  USB has been rock solid reliably, but eSata and 1394 have been "iffy" at best.   i.e. if I reboot the server, the Drobo doesn't always wake up during book on eSata or 1394, but it always works flawlessly as USB.


Some googling around 1394 random disconnects seems to imply I should check the power policy to make sure WS doesn't power down externally connected drives...   but it still works flawlessly as USB2, so that doesn't seem to be the issue...  unless USB and 1394 use two different power policies in WS?


So, anyone have any thoughts?  is 1394 unreliably on WS2012?  or is it more likely to be a problem with either 1) my controller card, 2) my cord, or 3) the Drobo S Gen1 itself?

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This is the 1394 card...   http://www.sybausa.com/productInfo.php?iid=1180


Looks like a TI chipset: XIO2213BZAY


The thread you linked seems more about power/UPS than chipsets.   Coincidentally, I just moved the Drobo S from being connected directly to a generic power strip plugged directly into the wall (shared with the older WHS1 and some LCD monitors ...   to a UPS shared with JUST the TS140 server..  Its a CyberPower 1500 VA 900 W (hey, my wife authorized the purchase, so yay)...  I haven't tried the 1394b connection since it's been on the UPS, so maybe I'll give it another go...

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