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Stop 2011 From Logging User Out


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My love-hate relationship with Plex continues. I was out of town for the meetup and of course Plex 

on 2011 was not discoverable. 


I installed Splashtop Remote as a way to logon and refresh the app which always seems to fix the

problem. Not sure if logging on or refreshing the app is actually the fix. 


I've noticed that the server wasn't discoverable by Splashtop either. Does 2011 automatically log

a user out and if so is there a way to stop it? 


I'll assume Plex doesn't run as a service and thus will disappear. Is this true even if it starts

at Windows startup. Once again I know just enough about computers to be dangerous.


And itGeeks answers my question in 3,2,1... or hoping anyway. 

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Umm, Emby has a service it installs by default. No need to do anything, other than to set the startup type to "Automatic" (it defaults to manual).


As for Plex, just use the Task Scheduler. It runs as a service, .... so why install a 3rd party app to do this?

Just set it to run at system startup, and ever "x hours" (and to skip if already running).  I used to do that, and plex was always running. Even without having to log in, and regardless if you log out or not.





And no, 2011 shouldn't automatically logout a user. Splashtop *might*, but I'm not sure. User accounts in Server are handled pretty much identically to client OS's (with a few "minor" differences). 

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Plex has been up for 24 hrs which is pretty good for me.


I really like Emby, but it's account management is a bit more frustrating. My two servers show up on the server list,

but when I click on them they are not available. I like the added touch of just having to set the service to automatic.


Splashtop couldn't log onto my 2011 box off the network. I remoted into the box while at home and as soon as I logged

on Splashtop saw it. The connectivity issues on this box will drive me to drink.


I hope when I move to a QNAP device things will be better.


I work in health care not tech so I am not nearly as versed in these things as you, but I do appreciate your continued help. 

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