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What podcasts do you listen to?


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So I'm a podcast junkie. I've got about an hour drive each way to work every day. I've almost run out of things to listen to. What do ya'll listen to?

Here's my different podcasts (sortof in descending order of priority):
*Home Server Show
*Custom Integrator Show
*Engadget HD
*Media Center Show - TDL
*Seen in HD
*Entertainment 2.0

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Nice, usacomp2k3 I have to say you have good taste :-) Here are mine:

- Home Server Show
- Custom Integrator Show
- Media Center Show
- Entertainment 2.0
- Engadget
- Engadget HD
- HD Nation (video)

non techie related
- The BS Report
- Around the Horn
- 30 for 30
- The Dan LeBatard Show

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Besides listening to the HSS again (sometimes painful for me!)

- Cranky Geeks
- Windows Weekly
- This Week in Tech
- Loaded
- GeekBrief
- PalmCast

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Guest no-control

I'm always looking for more stuff to listen to as well.

These are in my current rotation in no particular order

- Home Server Show
- MaximumPC no BS podcast
- AVrant
- The Media Center Show TDL
- HTGuys
- NPR: Planet Money
- Engadget
- TWiT
- The Onion Radio News (good for laugh)


- LoadedHD
- The Engadget Show
- Sesslers Soapbox
- AOTS, The Feed
- AOTS, Gadget Pr0n

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I used to listen to HT guys, but they started to bug me so I stopped. Same with the TechReport podcast.

Thanks for the links guys, I'm going to have to try some of those out.

UPDATE: I've got 15 more podcasts that I'm not subscribed too. :-o Next week will be weed-out week. I'll give them all a try, and then keep the one's that I feel are worth my time.

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