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    • Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT)
      This one is new to me but the coin is not.  BAT Coin may sound funny but it is a serious "ALT" coin.  
      • 1 reply
    • ICY DOCK is the leading expert in data storage enclosures and accessories.
      Introducing ToughArmor
      ToughArmor is ICY DOCK’s rugged enterprise-grade line of 2.5” SSD and HDD enclosures, utilizing the standard external 5.25” bay, external 3.5” bay (floppy bay), and the slim optical bay (ODD bay). All ToughArmor models feature ruggedized full-metal enclosures and trays, to keep your sensitive data protected, as well as meeting many flammability requirements.
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      JSE Coin Crypto Store
      Here you can purchase RESET items with your JSE Coin.  If you haven't heard of JSE Coin and want to get started you can read up about that here - https://homeservershow.com/miner/ . You will get a signup bonus of JSE Coin just for signing up and getting started.
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    • Synology C2 Backup Now Available to US Customers
      This is a data backup service that Synology released to EU customers last year.  I remember trying to get it to install and it wouldn't take my CC# because of location.  Fair enough, will it now and how much will it cost?
      • 4 replies
    • I learned this at CES 2018 and First Alert didn't like it.  Didn't like it at all.  In fact, they brought over someone else for me to speak with so they could try to save face and hush me up.
      • 2 replies
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    • schoondoggy
      In AHCI mode the MS Gen8 will only boot from the ODD port if there are no drives in the front bays. There is no boot priority setting in AHCI. Using the B120i you can boot from any drive. You can use a bootloader to use AHCI and boot from the ODD port:  
    • nrf
      this is an interesting UI. you are showing actions for http of block or warn but there is another column there for https that is only visible if you hold your mouse over it. should you choose one of the https options you get a little colored padlock. I would hope the https versions works without https MITM in place but I am not in a position to experiment right now. the rule I tested was blocking "resist.com" as a hate site. UTM flags it too as 'hate/discrimination'. when I chose the 'block' option it blocked fine, but in the 'warn' case choosing to proceed did not work. but I'm not sure if I had http, https, or both set up. this is of minor concern anyway but it would be good to know what the secret https column does.
    • pcdoc
        Have not seen this error before.  It is not clear to me how you are constructing the rule and what you are trying to block.  If you can post a screenshot that would help.  Here is a partial policy that I create if that helps.  
    • xPETEZx
      Hey Guys,   Recently been messing around with using a HP G8 Microserver with the SATA mode set to AHCI to then make use of Storage Spaces & Pools. Tiered storage etc, just for testing at this point. See how it performs.   I have come across something rather annoying, and hoping somebody can help. The OS (Server 2016) was installed to an SSD originally installed in Bay 1. Later I got hold of a Floppy disk -> SATA power cable, and moved the OS drive to the ODD bay. However I cannot change the disk to boot from anywhere.   If I start the server with just the ODD bay disk attached, boots to windows fine. I can then hot-plug my other disks once the OS is booted and carry on with my testing.  However once I reboot, It fails to start, saying no boot disk found.   I can "fix" this by removing the other 4 drives and letting it get to windows, then plugging the drives back in.    I cant find anywhere in the bios to select WHICH disk to boot from, just which order to boot the controllers.   While using the B120i controller, its easy to move disks around, and there is the option within the HP tool to select which disk to boot from. I have moved the OS disk from bay 1 to bay 5 on another MS G8 which is using B120i and although I needed to recreate the RAID 0 1-disk array, I could then select this as boot and everything starts just fine.   Wondering if anybody else has run into this issue? I have been able to recreate the issue using 2 different MS G8s, both in SATA mode. (And on both I can do the B120i trick to move boot OS around)   What I find odd is that it does not just look for a bootable partion on all the disks everytime.   Advice / thoughts much appreciated.   Cheers
    • Jason

      Appears MS has released a WSE19 edition. Haven’t found any details on it yet.
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