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  • RESET 42 - What Remote Software do you use? Surface Laptop, Treasure Truck, and more.

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  • Our picks

    • This is a fantastic deal.  $249 for the Moto X4 on Project Fi. I pay $20 a month for unlimited phone calls and texts plus $10 a month per Gigabyte of data used.  My Bill is usually at that $30 mark plus fees.  If you use more data you pay for it.  If you use over 60Gb you pay up to 60 Gb and then the rest is free up to 15Gb, then you get a little throttle back on speed.  It's a great service that I can't recommend enough.
      Sign up now and get a $20 credit.
      You can also get it on 24 months No Interest via Google.  Pay $10 a month or pay it off anytime during that 2 years.  Once you are on Fi you can get new phones at zero interest.  Order through the app and never go into the Verizon or ATT store again.
      My favorite part?  International service.  Same data fees as home with no surcharge.  Oh, and free data SIMs.  You can order a free data SIM, meaning, if you have a second device that you want to use as data you can get a SIM with no monthly fee.  It uses your same data pool.  Tablet, second phone, laptop, etc.

      Sign up and get $20 credit too.  I'll get a credit as well.  https://g.co/fi/r/9WX36D
      • 0 replies
    • Hey all,
      I've got a goodie bag full of stuff that I want to give away to a Patreon subscriber.  At the end of the give away period I'll put all the names in a hat and draw one.  Not a Patreon Supporter?  It is so easy.  Go here - http://patreon.com/davidmccabe  Sign up for any level.  I may....weight the higher subs a little more.  Maybe put them in twice or something. $5 and up club.  I do have some more give away items coming up too.  Bigger things!
      Here is the lot so far.  Probably some RESET stickers too!  What is this stuff?  PopSocket for a phone, Acronis Webcam cover, slider thingy, D-Link Luggage Tag, a pen from someone, Autel Robotics, "Remove before Flight" zipper pull.  I have one on my backpack.  CES stuff!
      Rules.  Subscribe on Patreon.  You gotta stay at least a month! BTW, I use Patreon to pay hosting fees, backups, software licenses, etc.  It helps tremendously!
      Go here - http://patreon.com/davidmccabe  Sign up for any level.  I will probably draw this out on February 9th, 2018.
      • 0 replies
    • Trying to help a local small business setup firewall/router in two locations with VPN site to site. 
      They have a very limited budget, under $250 per site.
      I was looking at:
      Cisco RV320
      Ubiquiti Enterprise Gateway Router
      Anyone worked with either/both of these?
      Other recomendations?
      • 17 replies
    • I've been putting this together (on paper) for over a week.  This build has several goals.
      1. Budget Build. Let's not break the bank.
      2. Leverage parts from your stash as a server builder.
      3. Mine as many different things as possible at once without impacting each other
      4. Have it all fit in a case. No open air frames or rigs.
      • 2 replies
    • I've been a big fan of this product and have it running in my home.  It's now $20 off if you follow this link.

      There is an Amazon link to buy it and December 17th to 22nd it will also be $20 off on the Circle website.  So heads up!
      Take a look at the video below for a better understanding of what it can do for you.  In my house, if anything hops on my wifi the box will notify me immediately.  I've set it up so anything that jumps on is put in a KID friendly profile.  I look at what they are seeing on their iPads and can turn off apps. YouTube, Safari, App Store = Off.
      • 6 replies
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    • ShadowPeo
      Check the IP Addresses/Gateway on the 10G NIC's Windows often drops the gateway on secondary NIC's if configured to prevent routing loops and other issues, if you go in and configure it, it will stay but it may take 2 attempts as it seems that its trying to get you to confirm you want the two gateways.   Also, check the Subnets, and ensure both are on the same subnet and you have not inadvertently borked the mask.
    • schoondoggy
      When you look at the network settings is the network still trying to use the 1Gb nics?
      You may need to disable the 1Gb nics and set the networking up using the 10GbE nics.
    • ChappyEight
      Really appreciate you chiming in, Dave.  Thanks for the advice to eat the elephant one bit at a time (starting with cabling and a plan to serve wifi).  I'm guessing that the cabling alone will take me a few weekends or more.  We don't take ownership of the home until early April, so I can't check just yet to see my access or lack thereof but I have a general idea of where I need to run cable.  I'm an architect by profession so once we move in, I'll likely be creating some floor plans to help me plot out my network.   Great suggestion to remember the speaker wire, volume controls, and cabling for the POE's.  I'll likely be seeking further advice on the speaker wire requirements at some point (I'm assuming you meant for ceiling mounted speakers serving as intercom and/or whole house music?).  As for WiFi, I'd much rather have the unit in the ceiling, but I do realize this will create much more of a headache for me than something on a table.   Seriously, thank you again for this advice.  I'll shoot you a PM here in a bit.   Chappy   P.S. Oh, and I'm in Brownsburg.
    • Poppapete
      If I remove the 1G nics from the setup I cannot ping the server over the 10G nics and I loose access to the world.
    • Shonk
      I can confirm it doesnt work with Samsung M9T's so only works on true Seagate drives
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