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    • NetXMS - Alternative to Domotz
      PRTG vs. Domotz
      • 3 replies
    • Microsoft announced a new Surface device last night, the Surface Go.  The announcement felt forced as leaks were dropping all over the place so it looks like the Surface Team just said, "what the heck," post it! 
      It's a confusing addition to the family. Remember Surface 3?  The Go is a much improved device but I'll have to get my hands on it in order to fully judge it.  I loved the 3 and still own it with a dock.
      It starts at $399 which is great but the hardware is a bit limited at that price point.  It starts with the Pentium Gold 4415y processor. Here is a comparison to show you some characteristics versus the Core i3. It also starts at 4Gb of RAM and a 64Gb eMMC drive.  It's only 1.15 pounds and will have LTE options in the future.
      I've read a ton of posts on this device where there is "target market" confusion.  Read it for yourself straight from Microsoft's mouth. "Empower your workforce with the lightest, most compact Surface yet"

      Here is the announcement post - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/business/surface-go
      Most articles are comparing it to iPad's and Chromebooks and although i think it will be a good alternative to the Chromebook I don't think it is a direct compare to the iPad nor targeting it.  I think it is a build that came from direct feedback from the working market.  A light portable with pen ability that doesn't cost $1500 if it is dropped. Pretty simple.

      My biggest disappointment is the keyboard.  Yup, gotta add $99 if you don't want to type on glass.
      Will enthusiasts buy it? Couch PC? Reader by the bed?  This little Surface has a lot of merit on paper so we will see how it holds up when it ships on August 2nd.  Let me know down below if you are going to get one.
      Buy here - https://store.microsoft.com
      Short Link to share - https://fave.co/2KOUe4N
      • 8 replies
    • How to get Cryptocurrency without mining or buying a thing
      Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT)
      This one is new to me but the coin is not.  BAT Coin may sound funny but it is a serious "ALT" coin.  
      • 1 reply
    • New ToughArmor rugged drive enclosures from ICY DOCK, your storage enclosure specialists!
      ICY DOCK is the leading expert in data storage enclosures and accessories.
      Introducing ToughArmor
      ToughArmor is ICY DOCK’s rugged enterprise-grade line of 2.5” SSD and HDD enclosures, utilizing the standard external 5.25” bay, external 3.5” bay (floppy bay), and the slim optical bay (ODD bay). All ToughArmor models feature ruggedized full-metal enclosures and trays, to keep your sensitive data protected, as well as meeting many flammability requirements.
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      • 0 replies
    • RESET Forums and RESET Podcast
      JSE Coin Crypto Store
      Here you can purchase RESET items with your JSE Coin.  If you haven't heard of JSE Coin and want to get started you can read up about that here - https://homeservershow.com/miner/ . You will get a signup bonus of JSE Coin just for signing up and getting started.
      Shout Out on RESET Podcast
      3 JSE
      • 0 replies
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    • Trig0r
      App still seems to be hit and miss, left it trying to connect for a good few hours the other day and it just wouldn't, went back to it a few days later and it was connected and mining again.   What are peoples plans with JSE, are you going to dump it as soon as it goes to market or do you think it might actually go somewhere.. I've got no issues with using my browser to sit there mining while I'm on a website rather than having ads thrown in my face and the website hosts gaining money from the mining rather than having to sell out to advertising and diluting the content with popups, links to external sites that could then contain security issues, would make browsing as a whole a much nicer experience, image those websites not having to have a "next page" so they can have more adverts per article but could literally just be long webpages with everything you want on a single page, makes browsing easier as well as keeps you on a single page and they can grab some CPU cycles to mine with...
      @Dave, you host and get a lot more traffic than I do on either of my websites, from a host POV, would you rather mine on visitors machines and have no adverts, which has a knock on security effect, or have ads and click-throughs, or possibly 2 versions of the website, one with ads, and one with mining running?
    • GabonPhil
      Great information everyone, thanks for sharing.

      Based on your experiences, I've just set up Allway Sync and it seems to be doing the job nicely.

      Easy to understand interface, just took a few minutes to set up the sync jobs I've been irregularly doing manually for too long.


    • Steven Bell
      hi guys im new to the home server show but seen some off your long videos on YouTube even the one where your N54L failed to install windows server thanks to the nic  why im here is im using my old N36L and never ever had any problems with it im running windows server 2012 essentials on it with 0 problems  and want to use it as a test bed for windows server 2016 essentials just to see how well i can get it to work im looking at buying the newer Gen10 server but as the old one runs well and cant ever see my self replacing it i do have the SP64420 bios installed and as im out of warranty i dont know if there is a new bios but do know there is a mod for it so does anyone know where i can lay my hands on the most up to date modded bios so i can install it and when the new server comes i can start doing some testing all the links i keep checking says there is no files to download like there taken away any help would be grand and keep up the good work you guys do  kind regards steven   
    • Trig0r
      Dont know how he managed it tbh, looking at the OS drive it looks like his profile was infected.. Reinstalling it over the next few days, just have to check the rest of the machines at his house and see where the infection came from..
    • Dev Arora
      Hello Everyone,                                 Here I am a newbie and I hope you all are good.
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