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  2. sandwern

    HPE Microserver Gen10 Plus

    Briefly about how to solve the problem with adjusting the fan speed...
  3. GarethC

    MSG10+ iLO Enablement Kit UK Suppliers

    Cheers, I have ordered one from them in preparation for getting the server later in the year. I was looking at Lambda Tek who now have them in-stock but have massively ramped the price up now they are in-stock. 🙄
  4. I have found this Advisory from HP, detailing why this no longer works and how to fix it. Does anyone know if there is any such working solution for Gen8 Microserver?
  5. silkie

    MSG10+: ESXi 7.0 Fan Failure Alerts

    Worked around the issue with this command. Stops it tripping, makes sense, there is only 1 fan after all. esxcfg-advcfg -s 49 /UserVars/HardwareHealthIgnoredSensors Reff: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/78989
  6. peteb99

    Server 2019 upgrade & iLO4

    Hi E3000, No, I've had it 10 months now and it has had no affect on the internal case fans at all. Pete
  7. Yesterday
  8. schoondoggy

    Which backup app for Gen8 + Win 10

    If you are looking for a more traditional backup and recovery, Paragon Community Edition is still free: https://www.paragon-software.com/free/br-free/
  9. E3000

    SATA Pass through for proxmox

    was a solution ever found for this?
  10. TomP

    Which backup app for Gen8 + Win 10

    Not good results sadly. Setting up an account was a nightmare and required Sales manual intervention, then it would not let me update my account, which then prevents me from raising a tech support case. Support chat line acknowledges problems but cannot get a fix after a week. The agent loaded, but would not let me setup alerts and it cannot see my server to set up my first backup or let me setup alerts. I did have to register separately on their Forum and saw that Agent for Windows has problems with W10 build 2004 (inc restore media not working) and a no fix date is quoted yet. Maybe this is the problem I see? Not a good first experience. Finally, the attractive reverse incremental backup scheme is not available in Agent for Windows (other features too) only in Backup & Replication, so as far as I can see, there are no advantages over Acronis but I will wait to see if things get fixed before I abandon Veeam
  11. logeox

    SPP 10

    I just cant justify the cost for what I use the server for. It would be nice, but I mainly store files, music and photos on there. Second purpose is its my NVR as well. I would like to add DNS options and a few more things. Had to move past home version to get the full max memory possible. This copy only cost me $50.
  12. Last week
  13. radaxian

    SPP 10

    Mate 2012R2 is ancient! Upgrade to Server 2019. Just use the official Microsoft ISO and run the upgrade or fresh install.
  14. schoondoggy

    SPP 10

    I don't think there is anything in that SPP for the Gen8. The latest BIOS for the MS Gen8 is available without entitlement, as it included fixes for CPU vulnerabilities. You may need to login to your HPE account to download. All of the other firmware and drivers you need are available without entitlement. https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=MTX_71b9ad7e388d434fb62f7542e3
  15. logeox

    SPP 10

    Can I use the SPP10 iso on a Microgen8? It seems to be the only iso I can get without an agreement as im upgrading my OS to 2012R2 so I can add max memory. "This solution uses Smart Update Manager (SUM) as the deployment tool and is tested on all HPE ProLiant Gen10 and LATER servers as defined in the Service Pack for ProLiant Server Support Guide found at www.hpe.com/servers/spp/documentation." https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=MTX_d1f232bbe34b44f797a95b298c
  16. dosser

    Faking the fan signal

    Can't find the connector on aliexpress. Have you a link for this.
  17. Recommendations are always useful. I was quite impressed with their site when looking for the Gen10+. It was good to see accessories for a device listed under the main listing so you can easily add them to a single basket rather than running around all over the place. For example: Microserver and Accessories They have also emailed me to keep me informed about the expected deliver date. When I originally placed the order they were due in on the 26/06.
  18. canuckcam

    Use a newer motherboard in the Gen8 case

    Yes, for me the RAM was the limiting factor as well. I moved onto a DL360 Gen8. Issue with the MS is even if you can fit a mini-ITX board into the case with another low-profile CPU fan, you'll have to do some heavy modding to the I/O area as it's not removable. I tried to do something similar with the HP Z820 workstation because the case is really quite nice. Unfortunately the amount of modding required was beyond my skill and the effort didn't seem to be worth it.
  19. Now that the Gen8 is in the sunset of it's life (RAM limitations getting worse, at least for me), I was wondering if anyone had swapped the motherboard (and 120mm fan, I suppose) for something more up to date? The case itself is great so it seems a shame to do away with it.
  20. ttt

    Faking the fan signal

    For anyone else who ends up here like I did due to the noise the standard fan makes, there is a compatible plug on aliexpress if you search for "Connector for HP Microserver Gen8 Fan Shield Plug". I used it to fake the fan signal and replace the fan with a normal 3 pin via molex adapter. The wires it came with were in the wrong 3 slots with reference to the plug's orientation but they are easily popped out and relocated.
  21. ttt

    Microserver Gen8 chassis fan upgrade.

    There is a compatible plug on aliexpress if you search for "Connector for HP Microserver Gen8 Fan Shield Plug". I used it to fake the fan signal and replace the fan with a normal 3 pin via molex adapter. The wires it came with were in the wrong 3 slots with reference to the plug's orientation but they are easily popped out and relocated.
  22. schoondoggy

    New install / advise / best practice

    I have not played with Xpenology and ESXi together for a long time, but: 1.Unless something has changed Xpenology does not like RAID cards. HBA's work well and allow Xpenology to configure and manage the drives. 2. In the past the P222 did not behave well as a HBA. I think the latest firmware from HPE is better at supporting HBA mode, but I have not tested it. Xpenology users seem to have good luck using LSI based HBA's in passthrough with ESXi. 3. For the onboard controller, you could add a breakout cable to the system board and use those ports for SSD's. ESXi tends to like RAID controllers, but there have been performance issues with the B120i drives and ESXi in the past. Some have had good luck with AHCI. Sorry I do not have more definitive answers, but these are the areas I would research. Perhaps someone else will have more detail.
  23. Do any of you guys get this trip all the time?
  24. Hello, I have a gen8 running since a couple of years. It ran/runs fine on xpenology barebone. When I got the server I tried with ESXi but the performance was bad, and I couldn't get the driver version to downgrade if I recall correctly. My setup now is 8gb ram, E3-1220L V2, samsung ssd, 2* 4 TB RED, one older harddisk wich I use for videosurveilance recording. I run the onboard controler in RAID without arrays (don't know why but at that time that was a solution for some problem I can't recall anymore, might be fan control). The SSD is down to 0% lifespan, that was my trigger to start thinking about change. So far ive ordered: 500gb RED SSD, 8 TB red disk, P222 with 1gb flash back thingie, mini sas to sata cable. I also have laying around a 40gb Intel SSD. And I want to use the 2* 4 TB RED in RAID and put important stuf on there so it is a little bit safer(think about photos etc). My initial thoughts are, ESXi on a microsd or directly on the Intel SSD. Put the datastore of xpenology on that. Then passthrough the complete P222 to xpenology and boot from the RED SSD. My questions are: does that make sense? Do I use hardware RAID on the P222 or let synology figure this out for the 2 4TB disks? If I let synology sort this out, do I put the P222 in RAID or AHCI? Same question for the onboard controler, RAID or AHCI? My main goal is that the harddisks spin down when not needed. That doesn't work now with xpenology bare metal.
  25. If anyone in the US is looking for one they are available on EBay https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=HPE+P13788-B21&_sacat=0
  26. Thomas97

    Active CPU cooling for the Gen8

    Thanks again for replying. Indeed, in the end I bought it. I'm waiting for it to be dispatched from Germany and I paid much more than that. It was about 200 euros on the HPE website. I found this supplier who sold it a 150. God, I hope it was worth it. I was unconfortable with having only 2 screws, the fact that it did not fit precisely made me wonder wether the round surface of the cooler was touching the processor in the right way, as you suggested, but it's difficoult to see from a side view. The compound seemed to adhere but nontheless, let's see if the official HP part even without fan can yield better results. Thank you very very much for your help and suggestions.
  27. Thanks for the pointer... they expect to have 20 in a week's time, so I've just created an account and ordered from them 🤞 (I like to use companies that are referred to me.. that's why I ordered the two Gen10+ units from box.com)
  28. Hey guys, Has anyone around here been successful in setting up Proxmox on a Gen8 using a HBA for storage?
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