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  2. When I turn on the PC the screen is black nothing when I to turn the monitor on switches off I tried different cables and monitors please don't get mad at the of knowledge I have of this
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  4. schoondoggy

    Upgrade from stock to X470D4U

    I have not used it, but feedback from users is very good. It is popular in the unRAID community. The released a version with 10GbE on board as well: https://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=X470D4U2-2T#Specifications The issue with either of these boards is that they are microATX and are physically to large to fit in the MicroServer Gen8 case. A mini ITX board may fit with a good deal of cutting on the case. Asrock Rack announced mini ITX board with 10GbE that looks interesting: https://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=X570D4I-2T#Specifications I have looked many times at modding the MS Gen8 case to fit a mini ITX board, nothing lines up well. There are lots of good micro ATX cases if you want to build a system with one of the X470 boards. If you want a small form factor server there are some good cases to build from. These two are inexpensive: https://mitxpc.com/products/sr7879-200w?_pos=11&_sid=cf04091aa&_ss=r http://www.chenbro.com/en-global/products/TowerServerChassis/Mini_ITX_Server/SR301_PLUS
  5. I've been running 2019 for a while tbh, file backups are done via OneDrive, yeah I might have to rebuild a machine every now and again but theres only really my PC and one of the kids has a Surface. As long as I can use Hyper-V, Drivepool and Scanner, thats pretty much all I need.
  6. I don't see myself moving to '2019 but it would be good to hear from you in some time to know how '2019 is serving your needs, reliability, etc....I really miss that dreamspark!
  7. I for one have stopped using vendor AV as of the win10 era (win10, server2016) as microsoft's built-in has a decent reputation of late. And there have been quite a few instances where AV vendors' hooks into the OS got exploited for evil. not to mention snooping on your web activities etc. My son for some reason prefers Sophos Home free version, although they had an issue with certain microsoft patches at one point causing boot failures. please choose carefully!
  8. Hello, If this is not the correct section, please move it where it belongs. After about 4y or so, the Gen8 is starting to show it's age. I'm considering upgrade options and I was intrigued about this motherboard which opens up the AMD path: https://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=X470D4U#Specifications Has anyone considered the case modifications needed to drop it in there with an AMD CPU? Looks like an interesting DiY project. Thanks.
  9. I was finally able to muster up the courage to put my WHS2011 of 9 years out of its misery, and move over to Windows Server 2019. I've pretty much successfully moved all of the vital workloads and utilities with minor issues... Drive Bender pool, Plex Media Server, UniFi Controller, PCNS, OneDrive, Hard Disk Sentinel, etc. Next up, antivirus. I was using ESET Internet Security with WHS2011 but the subscription ran out just a few days ago. The question now is, can I just use the built-in one; Windows Security? Or should I opt for 3rd-party protection? If it's the latter, what would you guys recommend and/or what are you already using, taking into account the type of work this server is going to be doing?
  10. E3000

    Server 2019 upgrade & iLO4

    Did this have an effect on the Gen8 internal case fans?
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  12. schoondoggy

    Cheapest External Enclosure

    It should work. The SFF-8088 needs to be a breakout cable. You will need to power the drives. Similar use in this thread:
  13. vgoncalves

    Cheapest External Enclosure

    Hi all, I have my Gen 8 with a P222 card and I'd like to add more drives to it... My plan is to buy this cable to connect the external port of the P222 and then fill extra drives in this cage. Should the P222 see all the new drives and create new raid arrays? What do you guys think about this idea?
  14. You should be able to switch the SSD to port1 of the SFF-8087 breakout cable and switch the B120i to AHCI on reboot. Back up any important data on the SSD, just in case.
  15. It did indeed, very quick with AHCI, thanks !! I also updated all the very old BIOS / firmware / drivers manually without any problems. My SAS HBA upgraded Gen 8 still uses B120i port 1 for the OS SSD, so is it a simple task to just move to AHCI instead?
  16. gordmul

    Memory for Microserver Gen8

    Can they run at 1866MHz or only 1600MHz?
  17. wirx

    New N54L setup questions

    You always run the latest BIOS. There's an issue with the SATA ports with the stock BIOS which is why there's a hacked G7 BIOS. Hi, getting trouble with this updating. all i get is file name is not recongised and the C:\ prompt. look at my post, followed the guides and all i can figure is i dont have a flash drive worthy of the HPQUSB program even though it doesn't give the flash a ROM file. I ran freenas/windows server 2008 ok but no drives detected. At the moment i have win7, I think linux detects drives ok but thats a last resort Would the 2011 bios really prevent drives Nas or not from getting detected by the SATA SAS? i find it interesting that drivers are barely a topic of dicussion the n40l, n54l, even so drivers shouldn't prevent a drive from detection
  18. Windows 10 should have all of the basic drivers need to get up and running.
  19. Al_Borges

    How to identify a device on my network

    When my NAS was being attacked last fall, One of the things I did was do a full inventory off all devices on my home network. Recorded IP, mac address,device id and location. Was concerned that something was compromised and phoning home Then in my router assigned descriptive names and reserved IP adressses for all devices that are open to the outer world routinely Couldnt id one device, so i just locked it out. Turned out to be a bluray player that is rarely used Only took a couple of hours initially. Easy to maintain Just because you are paranoid, doesnt mean they are not out to get you!
  20. nrf

    How to identify a device on my network

    my govind sensor hub has a similar name. must be some common open source code involved
  21. gemz0r

    ESXi notes

    Hey dude.. Believe me I have been down this road.. ESXi is really bad with passwords and keyboard management.. First of all, have a simple password, only minimum strange symbols if any. I think just a "!" somwhere is enough to avoid problems with different keyboard layouts etc. Then check out the method you use to type the password. Is it through a browser? If so change browser. If through some console like iLO or IPMI - check the keyboard language settings of that method. Something you could check is just typing your entire password in the "username" field so that you see exactly how each symbol is interpreted . If it looks good then login should work using that method.
  22. phguk

    ESXi notes

    I can successfully install (it would appear) HPE Gen9 Plus Custom Image for ESXi 6.7 Update 2 Install CD https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/details?downloadGroup=OEM-ESXI67U2-HPE&productId=745 (fresh install using iso on a USB) on my Gen8 microserver but I can't then login as root (either using DCUI or browser) using what I am adamant is the same password. Standard message is "Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password". The fact that ESXi accepts my password during the install process (typed on usb keyboard) suggests the password is valid - so I am very confused. I've reinstalled multiple times using different passwords and the result is the same. Considering my sanity here ! Any thoughts ? Thanks Paul
  23. weeny

    Convert MKV to DivX?

    Joyoshare Video Converter can do that.
  24. Thanks. I did check an HPE forum where it explained that ROMPaq is a special legacy format that does not work with Rufus and another utility I forget, so I guess I'll just have to update after I install Win10. My server is already set to AHCI rather than B120i, so can I assume that like the OS install will be simpler (like the Stutsmann video on installing WHS2011) and I'll only need to install the Broadcom driver or is there something else needed?
  25. Rodf

    How to identify a device on my network

    Yes I do, Schondoggy. That would explain it perfectly. Thank you!!
  26. schoondoggy

    How to identify a device on my network

    Do you have any smart home items? Smart plugs perhaps?
  27. I've got a Synology router, which I totally love!! (I was advised to get one here on these forums and believe me, that was wonderful advise!!) I thought I'd get onto my Synology web interface, was checking the devices connected. I noticed 3, all connected to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. They all have names like this: ESP_3AE9D7. I can ping them fine. I tried FTP'ing into one of them, but the connection was refused. So, how do I go about identifying what these devices are?
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