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  2. Trig0r

    MSR Fork

    Happened earlier today, not sure if you guys are still watching or mining but the new algo does less work, my rig, that was pushing just over 2.1KH/s on the old MSR is now pushin 4KH/s... Probably still a mine and shift rather than HODL but hell, port fork mining goodness...
  3. Trig0r

    Windows Server

    Proper passthru is all they're really missing IMHO, might grab a copy and have a play now the UTM VM isnt running my network... I should imagine they'll be a Server Hom for the old Essentials crowd, in the same way as theres a Windows 10 Home...
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. Funnily enough, that is exactly what I did, updated the firmware and for some reason it disabled the two internal nic. Could not re-enable them either. Only way to resolve it was to wipe the cmos to default and reboot. Best wishes Paul
  5. Yesterday
  6. ShadowPeo

    Windows Server

    Not looked at it myself, I only have one client running essentials and they are moving on in the next couple of years so I am good there, but it will be a pain if they remove it as it makes it much harder for smaller clients who often use it to "get their start" into real server systems. I do hope for real hardware passthrough as well, I have a couple of PCI devices I would like to pass through to a box
  7. schoondoggy

    Which SAS drives

    Hitachi makes great drives. Just curious, why are you looking to use SAS and why 2TB?
  8. schoondoggy

    Microserver G8 driving me nuts with Network cards

    What NIC's have you tried? Are you referring to the internal NIC's? Have you updated to the latest firmware and BIOS?
  9. Trig0r

    Windows Server

    Anyone else running the newest builds (1803) of Windows Server? Having a quick read it looks like they're dumping the Essentials Role, haven't read, or played enough to see if this is being replaced by something else or if those that use it are going to have to stick with 2016... Wonder if they'll finally get around to decent hardware passthru..
  10. Sighs, sorry..... Would you believe that the internal network interfaces failed! Just tried to install another OS that used to work. Why me? Paul.
  11. Hi can someone please help with this, it is driving me insane. I have read through the forums gleaning what I could on the problems with none detected cards. So far Esxi 6.7 will not work with the internal net cards. However some have used 6.5. So duly went to the HP image site and downloaded 6.5 U2, now this one mentioned G9 servers? And could not find any reference other than the matrix telling me it should be compatible. Installed from this ISO, you guessed it, no internal network cards. Am I using the wrong image? Could not find one specific to the G8. Any help really welcome. Best wishes Paul
  12. Last week
  13. Trig0r

    WiFi for my house

    So, finally got this Deco up and running, means I can pull my server out and faff with that while the Deco does the WiFi/Router duties.. Setup is easy enough - App will allow you to set WiFi networks up in a few minutes, plug the device in, Bluetooth to your device to set it up then done. Profiles are easy to manage - The app lets you know when a new device connects to your network, from there add it to a profile, simples.. Its built-in filtering could do with being adjustable by profile, for instance, my rig mines, which the Trend stuff blocks, and I'd rather be able to turn it off for me, but not others. No web interface, everything is done by the app, you cant adjust DHCP pools or anything, nor can you monitor them. You can set port forwarding and address reservations which is probably enough for "normal" homes. The youth hammers the WiFi, XBOne, iPad and iPhone will be on at the same time, playing Fortnite, Facetiming his mate who he plays with, and then music streaming on the other, if we're streaming Netflix or similar in the upstairs bedroom the AP will lock out once in a while, you can set QoS and device priorities but we're pushing it with our usage, you can ethernet them though which solves that issue (no separate WiFi backhaul), but for me the point of WiFi means no cables. There is no "spot finder" in the setup, so you cant see where is the best place to stick these things like you can on other kits, it'd really help given that its all setup from an app. It's not bad kit, but for people that are used to running UTM or a router with a bit more control, they won't like the lack of tweaking you can do with the Deco. There's also the use of Trend Micro and the possibility of them being sent info from your devices.. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3194843/internet/asus-router-warnings-on-privacy-and-security.html I think if I were to keep this, they'd have to give us more tech savvy guys a web interface or more control through the app, it'd be really nice as well if they built home plugs into the PSU's for these things for backhaul, it's about time someone did... Will I keep it, no, i'll be faffing with the server then swap it out for something else, maybe something simple like homeplugs with WiFi built into them, not decided yet...
  14. Does anyone have Mikrotik firewall configuration experience?
  15. PunyEarthling76

    ESXi notes

  16. PunyEarthling76

    ESXi notes

    I use the b120i in raid one and ESXi 6.0.0 u2 installed directly to there. 6.7 does something as every other offline bundle update and reboots to purple screen telling me I have 2 ESXi installations. Luckily reboots back into 6.0.0. I am tempted to repeat using install instead of update on cli but I am concerned it will kill the 6.0.0 build and not allow the same fall back? Anyway this been 2 years with this BS lack of support on b120i. 😭
  17. stretch

    Which SAS drives

    I'm a awaiting delivery of an ml310e gen8 v2 server which has a hp P222 raid card. I'm wanting 4 hot swap SAS drives can anyone recommend any suitable for hardware raid? Have been looking at these Hitachi UltraStar 7K3000 HUA723020ALA640 2TB SAS
  18. Jason

    Open-Mesh speed

    Agreed. They have (had) exceptional support. Have since retired my MR1750s. With exception of one as a dedicated guest WiFi network AP. Migrated to Netgear Orbi “mesh” indoor/outdoor and the throughput has been rather incredible. Have heard good things about Ubiquiti but have never used them before. Would certainly try them if ever I was evaluating other WiFi solutions.
  19. pcdoc

    Open-Mesh speed

    Very hard to detect the where the issue is as it could also be the client. In my case, I was able to test side by side with other devices so I knew what the clients were capable of. Ultimately, the OpenMesh products are very solid but have never performed as well as some of their competitors. On my network, I would barely hit 100 Mbps and now get 230 Mbps using the Ubiquiti AC Pro. I have shelved my 3 MR1750 almost a year ago. They used to have pretty decent support so you might try and contact them to if they can help you tweak some more speed from your Wifi.
  20. Drifting

    ESXi notes

    Hi guys I am new to VMware, and I thought I would try ESXi 6.7 on my Gen 8 microserver. Have updated the bios etc on the server. Anyway, for some reason ESXi does not recognize the internal network interfaces. I have had to put in an intel card to even complete the install. I used the custom iso from HP the one that says G9 in the name. Now I am stuck, I know the network BCM5717, which seems to have the drivers there? but will not install? Read something about creating my own iSO and inserting drivers? But very confused as to which and what ones to use? and where from? Sorry that was all rather incoherent, but this has really left me stumped. Best Paul.
  21. I saw a few other users in this thread that get NMI (non-maskable interrupt) errors with a Xeon and PCI card. I had a similar issue on shutdown but found a work around. Server runs Fedora linux. I put a Nvidia 710GT in with the Celeron G1610T and it works fine. Put in a Xeon E3-1260L, without the video card it works perfect. With the video card, I get an NMI error and red light of death on shutdown. It starts up fine and runs fine, just crashes on every shutdown. I found that blacklisting hpwdt and hpilo fixes the problem and I can use the Xeon and video card together.
  22. ShadowPeo

    Digital Camera

    Hate to say it, if I am going to spend that kind of coin (and next time around - so 3 years from now, I probably will) I am going mirrorless I am sick of lugging around the damned DSLR
  23. ShadowPeo

    10G Network

    +1 for intel cards, both wired and wireless they have never failed me, even where others have not worked, Intel have been flawless
  24. newuser

    Open-Mesh speed

    NNNM what did you do to improve your speed? I followed this https://help.cloudtrax.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001275544-Maximum-Performance-Settings I have om2pv2 that will not go past 42 download for my 100 mpbs download speed. i also have mr900 that will go close to 100 but only my wireless clients keep disconnecting from wireless on mr900. Both running latest 6.4.8 beta.
  25. cskenney

    R.I.P YAHOO MESSENGER 1998-2018

    You can keep using it until July 17th. https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2018/06/12/yahoo-messenger-to-stop-operating-after-july-17/
  26. callihan44

    R.I.P YAHOO MESSENGER 1998-2018

    https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN28776.html;_ylt=AwrJ6STcEiFbTqEAkxlXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyMzdiYTkzBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjQwMzdfMQRzZWMDc3I- apparently yahoo messenger is dead, not sure if anyone here has uses it but Ive been a loyal yahoo user since the 90s. Met some interesting people over the years in the chat rooms - messenger app and some are still friends to this day...kinda sad revelation and amazing how fast time goes by
  27. JeromeBouy

    Help a Surface geek out with a BIG surface

    "I could mount a vessel mount to horizontally to the table and try that." Let us know how it turned out.
  28. JeromeBouy

    Need to convert 300+ titles to MKV or MP4

    "If you want NATIVE playback from web or especially iOS devices, recommend converting all to MP4 containers." Hmm, thanks for the tip!
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