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  2. High frame rate isnt really a must, as you say, depends on scene. Cameras are either 2 or 3 streams. Live view usually in D1@half FPS of main stream Depending on where the camera is going, generally, motion detect, 720p (4mp cameras), 12fps, vbr, ~1500kb/s,or constant record, still 720p, 6fps vbr ~1500. I do have some sites with 5mp fisheyes, 8mp 4k, mickies, 960h's...
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  4. You can get the square hole rails as well: https://www.amazon.com/steel-server-square-2U-45U-Starcase-com/dp/B06ZY5XHWY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1519249030&sr=8-1&keywords=rack+rail+pair+square+holes Here is a desktop rack as well: https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-RSR-2P12U001-Desktop-Standing-RSR-2P12U0001/dp/B06Y1788VC/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1519248788&sr=8-17&keywords=rack+rails
  5. Security of any kind is an interesting topic. I am always looking for ways to better protect my family & properties and refine what I am already using. I have a huge interest in surveillance and I am always second guessing how I have things setup for friends and family. As the title says "Is a High Frame-rate Always a Must for Effective Video Surveillance?" The short answer is it depends on the scene your monitoring, This is a great short article on the subject. The shorter take is the human eye perceives real-time as 15 fps so should we be viewing & recording everything @30 fps? In most case as I understand it no, Your just wasting band-width and storage. 1) What is your take on the subject? 2) Is your IP cameras multi-stream? 3) Do you view live in a lower resolution and record in a higher resolution? (I only use cameras that support multi-stream) 4) If so whats your settings? ex: what resolution and frame rate do you use for live view vs recording for everyday normal traffic scenes??
  6. Looks nice for networking equipment and probably some servers. Problem I have is the rails for my Dell server require square holes in the rack. Originally I had a old video production rack I got cheap and worked great, then I got my server. Bought a decent priced open half height rack and combined it with the video production stuff. Now I rack the servers and a UPS in the bottom and have my network and camera gear in the top half.
  7. Hi!!! I'm new user of this microserver HPE Gen10. I would like to use the MS G10 as a HTPC and NAS server in my principal living room near to the Receiver AV. So I'm very confused about what is the "correct" SO that I must install.. because I would like to use some SO that allow me work with a NAS Server and Use displayport output to use microserver has HTPC (In my best wishes includes to use it as game for my childs...) It's possible? I discard esxi solutions... because if I virtualized I lose graphical output... so what recommend me? Windows 10? Windows Server? Xpenology? Debian? Other??
  8. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

    Sounds like if you want ... - >6 cores - > 16GB RAM - Opteron - Ryzen 7 - Threadripper - XEON ... you'll have to buy at least Windows 10 Home Advanced and possibly Windows 10 Pro for Workstations.
  9. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

    Whats wrong with Home/Pro/Enterprise....
  10. Build this on a Saturday afternoon and only cost 23.00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSTPyF4LloM Parts used for the build
  11. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

    I've been prodding a big UK system builder for pricing information ... ... and although blood extraction from that particular stone is not yet complete it looks like ... 1. A hideous new SKU Windows 10 Home Advanced will be a mandatory minimum if you have >6 cores or >16GB RAM. 2. There is no Windows Home SKU for XEON and Opteron systems. Not expecting any good news on the pricing of the new SKU's Haven't found any detailed info. yet and I believe RS4 is supposed to be March. Have you?
  12. As more and more flat network cables are getting wide acceptance and for (good reason) I found this US company (that's hard to do these days) that seems to offer good quality CAT6 550MHz flat patch cables offered in multiple colors and there even CAT6 certified, Not all cables are created equal. For instance I have some cables that I purchased from a China based company that are marketed as CAT6 but there is no evidence that there certified CAT6 and there only rated @250MHz but they do seem to work good. I love supporting US based companies, Check them out. Oh, And there not just another reseller they are the manufacture. Check out there video. ShowMeCable is the parent company of Integrated Network Cable, Born in 1995
  13. $625 RX 570 4GB GPU wrapped in a Dell Ryzen PC

    Thanks schoon.
  14. Holy crapsicles, that's a board and a half... Chances of finding it in stock before the initial batch runs out and then the price doubles, slim lol
  15. Recommendations for sub$200 GPU

    I messed with the drives some more yesterday, and after uninstalling all of the Nvidia driver software and rebooting a couple of times Windows installed it's version of the drivers and I got dual monitor support back with no black screening. But as soon as I install Nvidia's driver software it breaks again. So I have functional state back, but I'm going to move to an AMD card, at least I'm not in as much of a rush. From what I have read AMD is supported better with video acceleration in Vegas Pro and bumping up to 4gb of ram from 2 will help with 4K (Not that I do much with that right now).
  16. E3-1260L upgrade

    The V2 appears to be far more compatible, and it's on the lists here, and also, in Intel ARK I think I just got a DOA one, but I have ordered the 1260L, since the 1265L I found, are double the price. For my current needs, the 1260L will do
  17. XPEnology bare metal install Step-by-Step video

    So no luck at all. No way, no how can I get XPEnology to reinstall on the H340 again. It is sooo weird. Why did it work the first time, flawlessly? I'm completely mystified. I have spent wayyyy too many hours on this. It's ridiculous. This is why I never got too involved in tech in the past: It will suck your life away. I did get XPEnology running just fine on another motherboard. On the board it says DG33M06. Online it says it's an Intel motherboard. Anyway, it works. The only weird thing is, the XPEnology install is supposed to have a countdown timer for its menu and, after a certain number of seconds, it's supposed to run the default option, usually the first one in the menu. Mine doesn't do that. Usually, with the GPT version of the loader, it will jump right into the first part of the installation, but on the reboot following the copying of DSM to the hard drive, the menu comes back up and just sits there; no countdown, no nothing. If I don't hit Enter the install will time out with an error. If I do hit Enter, the whole installation is really quite quick and successful.
  18. Impressive board. I can't imagine getting all of them to work nicely together.
  19. Haven't taken it that far yet
  20. That's a crazy board for certain. I'm sure learning a whole lot about really weird stuff these days. Are you going to get their special power supplies too?
  21. I think if I am getting a new motherboard for mining, I am getting this... http://amzn.to/2HyNQZN Enjoy
  22. E3-1260L upgrade

    Makes me kinda wonder about E3-1265L but I got the V2 so may not be an issue? I haven't installed it yet. Waiting on parts.
  23. Can we talk Hostnames?

    Below is what I been doing, I just feel like the host-names should be shorter. update: I can't upload my attachment right now so I will have to post it later.
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  25. $625 RX 570 4GB GPU wrapped in a Dell Ryzen PC

    System board components in the service manual: http://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/19/inspiron-5675-gaming-desktop/inspiron5675_servicemanual/system-board-components?guid=guid-0fb72875-2ce1-490d-8e55-4083e488be9e&lang=en-us
  26. Can we talk Hostnames?

    I name servers based on whether they are production or dev, physical or virtual and then by OS and role Eg PVW2K12R2DC would be a Production, virtualised instance of Windows server 2012 R2 running the domain controller, DPW2K16CA would be a Development, Physical Machine with Server 2016 acting as the Certificate Authority For other devices such as switches or access points I tend to name based on device type and location Eg AP-Landing for an Access Point located on the landing, or Switch-Den for a switch located in the Den. Mobile devices are named as the device and the primary user Eg IPhone6S-64GB-Matt What do you currently do?
  27. Disappearing HDDs

    Thanks for suggestions - will give them a go when I get the chance - I'm surviving with the main drive in an external enclosure for just now. Did manage to have an online chat with HP Support, who weren't greatly helpful - sniffed at the drives not being HP drives... But their one suggestion, which I also haven't yet had time to try, was to zero the NVRAM and see whether any settings had got corrupted in their. Have tried to reseat the SAS connector, but only at the motherboard end and not stretch it - and not got up close and personal with the connectors further up near the optical disk bay.
  28. Looking for Acer H340/HP Microserver VGA cable

    Thanks. I did find out about him when searching. On the web page he says "all good things must come to an end" So, nope, he's not doing them anymore. Oh well; I've got the video card coming. In fact, I just got an email saying it's been shipped. Cost me $9.99US + $12.95US shipping/customs/duties.
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