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    Replacing the Screen on Lumia 1020

    By: JohnStutsman






    Figure 1 – Nokia Lumia 1020 with broken display screen




    This is a review of my experience with a FixEZ.com display screen repair/replacement kit.


    Recently, one of our Nokia Lumia 1020’s display screen was severely damaged. Dave has said in RESET that later in 2017 some major hardware would be coming out for cell phones so I didn’t want to replace our trusted 1020’s until later in the year when I had a chance to check out the new hardware.


    I found a kit available on-line from FixEZ.com to replace the “Nokia Lumia 1020 Display Assembly with Frame” at $67.50 so I ordered.   FixEZ also had a Nokia Lumia 1020 Display Assembly for $54.99 but I felt the Display Assembly with Frame was worth the extra cost by freeing me of the effort to separate my broken Display from the existing frame for reuse. FixEZ.com also has a wide assortment of supplies and I decided to also order their “Nylon Spudger” and their “Fine Tip Curved Tweezers”. A “Plastic Triangle Opening Tool” was included with the kit. I already had other materials that I needed.


    I was very impressed with FixEZ’s customer service, I ordered the kit on a Thursday afternoon and it was shipped shortly after my order. The kit arrived at my house two days later on Saturday and I did the replacement on Sunday.






    Figure 2 – Broken Lumia 1020 with repair kit from FixEZ.com (in box) while FixEZ’s video is displayed on my Surface and copies of FixEZ’s “Disassemble Guide” surround – all on an anti-static mat.





    Video 1 – Replacing the Screen on Lumia 1020






    Figure 3 – The repaired Nokia Lumia 1020 next to the old broken screen (face down) and frame






    Figure 4 – The repaired Nokia Lumia 1020 next to the old broken screen




    Bottom line: the repaired Lumia 1020 looks & works like new. I had a very good experience with FixEZ.com’s Nokia Lumia 1020 Display Assembly repair kit that was leveraged with great customer service and very useful Screen Repair & Disassemble video and Disassemble Guide. FixEZ.com has a variety of parts and tools to repair many different devices.


    Please join us in the HSS Forums to discuss many interesting tech topics.






    Check FixEZ’s page at: https://www.fixez.com/store/nokia/nokia-lumia-1020/nokia-lumia-1020-display-assembly-frame


    HSS Forum Posting on this Lumia 1020: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12147-windows-phone/


    HSS Forum on Phones & Tablets http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/forum/26-phones-tablets-etc/


    “Phones and Tablets” PlayList:

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