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    Add-In Review - KeepVault Online Storage for Windows Home Server www.keepvault.com
    After reviewing a product that billed by the gigabyte I was anxious to try something that was potentially unlimited. Little did I know by the end of my testing, the entire review would change with some big news from Keepvault.


    Add-In Review - KeepVault Online Storage for Windows Home Server www.keepvault.com
    This review was practically written and ready to publish when I contacted Keepvault one last time before going live with it. That’s when I got the news. Keepvault for Windows Home Server is no longer offering unlimited storage. What???
    This may come as a surprise to you but this move is actually a good one for Keepvault. As you know, the online storage game is getting popular and with it comes all the freebie services and the pains that follow them. There are plenty of horror stories out there and lessons to be learned about storing data “in the cloud.” This particular cloud, is Proxure. Started in 2005 with talent from Roxio, Sonic, and Veritas , they created two products. KeepSync, and Keepvault.
    Keepvault for Windows Home server is considered a “Commercial” Add-In. That simply means you have to pay something for it. In this case you are required to subscribe to the service before you can download the Add-In.
    Now, getting back to the unlimited storage news. Keepvault was known for having an unlimited storage offering for only $99 per year. The only caveat to this plan was you could not store any business related files. Take a look at the new pricing structure.

    The $99 plan is now limited to 100GB. I say limited, but 100GB is a ton of data to store online. No doubt a few will not be happy with this move but hopefully they will be happy with the next piece of news. Your 100GB plan is unlimited in another sense. According to Dan Reynolds of Proxure, “users were asking to backup business, church data, etc, so this change allowed us to remove that restriction.” This should alleviate any confusion over what is considered business and what is personal. In my opinion this should lead to happier Home Server Users.
    Shall I review the product now?  Well, not so fast because Keepvault is rolling out with a new version of the WHS Add-In. Dan goes on to say, “In conjunction with the pricing changes we will be releasing a new version of the software.”
    So finally, let’s get started but remember, any screen shot you see here could be outdated very quickly! Once the new Add-In is released I’ll get some updates posted.
    The purchase of the Keepvault service is very easy and it’s initiated at the keepvault.com website. You can pay by credit card or use your PayPal account. Once you are finished with the payment details you will be presented with your Key and the download link. It’s a pretty typical download purchase transaction. Installation tips were also presented and are as follows:

    Run KeepVaultWHS.exe on a client PC that has Windows Home Server Connector installed. The installer will automatically find your Windows Home Server and extract the MSI install-set to your Windows Home Server “Add-ins” folder. Run the Windows Home Server Console and select the “KeepVault” add-in located under Settings | Add-ins.
    Soon after printing this page an e-mail arrived with my order summary, key, installation tips, and links to support areas and additional information about the service. The download was only 2.2MB in size.
    As the tips state, the downloaded file is to be executed on your workstation and it will find, or help you find your Windows Home Server. It will then copy the Keepvault to your Add-In’s folder and you may install it from the WHS console.
    Install the Add-In from your desktop. You must agree to the EULA in order to continue. Most just breeze through a screen like this but I recommend at least copy and paste it somewhere for reference.
    The rest of the installation is much like any other add-in. There were no other prompts and once it’s finished the WHS console must be restarted.

    When you first start the Add-In you will have to enter the e-mail address you used when you purchased the service as well as the key you obtained. You will also be able to generate an encryption key for your data at this point. Lastly, you are presented with terms and conditions.
    Once you are done reading the T’s and C’s click Login.
    The main screen of KeepVault will be very familiar to WHS users. Your shared folders will be presented to you almost exactly as they look under the shared folders tab. All shares at this point will not be backed up. Right click a share and select “Backup Folder and Sub Folders.”

    To my surprise the backup started immediately. I assumed there would be additional settings to configure in order to get started. I then checked the Settings tab in WHS to see if there was a Keepvault section for additional settings. Perhaps I should have checked here first before selecting shares to backup. I found the option to enable backups between midnight and 6 A.M. There is also an option to throttle the backup speed but since I’m starting mine at midnight I’ll let it have all the bandwidth it can use.
    After clicking OK I see that the backups have stopped. I clicked Protection History and am able to view each individual file that has been transferred.
    Here is a shot of the Keepvault settings. You will notice that there are not many options! This was one of my largest complaints with the service. I want more options but more on that later.

    I checked back on Keepvault the next morning and in fact it had been working all night. I accidentally cleared the history of my first night of data transfers so I don’t have that information for you. The Clear History button is right where you think a Close button might be. My DSL upload speed is horrible so it wouldn’t be a good comparison for you anyways.

    Restoring a file or an entire share is a breeze with Keepvault’s two options. There is One-Click Recovery and Selective Recovery. Selective is exactly as it sounds. You are presented with a File-Manager type window which lets you drill down to the exact folder and file you want to recover. One Click is also as it sounds. You click, it recovers. Everything.
    Backup speeds are going to be dependent upon the upload speed of your broadband connection. If you have a 256k or 128k upload on your DSL prepare to backup over many nights. You might want to backup during the day if you can. My 24GB Photo Share took a very, very, very, long time. I hope you have upload speeds faster than mine!
    More options please! More Status please! Dan Reynolds, Proxure, Inc’s Director of Sales and Marketing, tells me that I’m not the only one requesting more out of the service. My main requests were the ability to do selective file and folder backups, and the ability to choose what time my WHS starts and stops backups. Dan tells me, “it’s very high on our list for the next version.”
    When I speak of status I want to know more about what is going on with my backups. My Photo Share size is roughly 24GB and I have been backing up for days. I have no clue via the console how much more I need to transfer in order to complete this folder. It would be nice to have some status indicator beyond the “x number” of files queued. X out of what?
    Keepvault could even average upload speed and estimate when the transfer will complete. It would be nice to have a status of protection when it’s not transferring. When the Add-In had transferred all of my files the status was still “backing up.” So I had no way of knowing that it was Backed Up by a quick glance. It could have more files to back up the coming evening.
    Lastly, I tested a scenario by having Keepvault set to protect new files immediately. I moved a folder within the share and it started backing up the moved folder right off. That’s good if you move a new folder to the share but somewhat of a pain for it to backup something that has already been backed up already. This becomes more of an issue with the new limited data plans. I don’t want to store two copies of a file just because I decided to move it to a different folder. Dan’s reply settled my worries on the issue. “In conjunction with the pricing changes we will be releasing a new version of the software. This will include reporting on the total amount of storage used and also the ability to delete files from their online backup,” said Mr. Reynolds.

    The Add-In functionality as tested is good. The actual software was functional but not as good as I think it could be. On Keepvault’s side, I didn’t get to see the new Add-In features. These new features should make this a very solid backup product for Windows Home Server. Price-wise, 100GB for $99 annually is a great price. I have been shopping for offsite storage I can trust and I wanted a combination of personal data storage as well as business data storage. Now that Keepvault has removed the restriction of no business data, I am going to be a loyal subscriber.

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    KeepVault for Windows Home Server Review
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    dBpoweramp has released RipNAS essentials for Windows Home Server users.  As the name might imply, RipNAS enables CD ripping directly to your WHS.  Even HP's MediaSmart Server!
    Read more after the click!

    From dBpoweramp.com:

    RipNAS Essentials™ is an ideal companion to any Windows Home Server (WHS) system [HP MediaSmart, Fujitsu Scaleo, Tranquil PC, etc]. RipNAS adds CD Ripping capabilities to your WHS box (whilst maintaining WHS abilities). Adding new discs to the music network share (for media streaming) is as simple as inserting a CD and waiting a few minutes. Windows Home Server, a Media Streamer [sonos, Logitech Squeezebox, etc) and RipNAS Essentials™ are all that are required to join the distributed home audio revolution.

    How easy is CD Ripping with RipNAS? (example using Teac Secure Model):

    Insert a CD into the slot loading drive,

    Track Titles and Album art are automatically downloaded from the Internet using PerfectMeta™ (AMG, GD3, MusicBrainz & freedb)

    CD tracks ripped to a lossless audio format (configurable) using dBpoweramp CD Ripping Engine (regarded as the best of the best),

    Ripped tracks automatically saved to Music shared folder along with embedded album art (also Folder.jpg),

    Secure Model verifies ripped tracks for errors using AccurateRip and c2 pointers,

    Only four minutes to rip an entire CD (approximately), after which it is ejected.

    RipNAS Essentials is available as: software & CD/DVD drive (high quality Teac USB slot loading drive, everything needed to begin ripping), or stand-alone software.

    Ready for Streaming

    Tracks can be ripped to either FLAC or WMA Lossless and are automatically embedded with ReplayGain ID Tags. FLAC is ideal for Sonos or Logitech Squeezebox media streamers. WMA Lossless can be used with  the built in WHS Windows Media Connect music sharing option, streaming to all uPNP compatible devices.

    RipNAS operates 100% without the need for 'eyes on' interaction, whilst at the same time RipNAS integrates into the Windows Home Server Console page, allowing precise control over Ripping operations:

    The main RipNAS status page is shown above: current disc shown at the top, previously ripped discs are listed below. When secure mode is active tracks with unrecoverable errors are separated into a different folder. Silent ripping is possible with a x4 speed ripping option, which renders the drive in-audible (requires x4 speed compatible drive such as Teac).

    Fine control of RipNAS is accessible through the Settings page:

    On the settings page encoder (audio format) can be chosen, RipNAS comes preinstalled with the following encoders: FLAC, Wave, mp3, WMA (Lossless), Apple Lossless. In addition any supported dBpoweramp encoder can be installed. [Multi-Encoder] allows two audio-formats to be encoded at the same time (for example a FLAC lossless archive along with an mp3 collection for use in a portable mp3 player). Secure models have the option of switching between Burst and Secure ripping modes (detection and recovery of errors), also Squeezebox and iTunes Server (Firefly) can be configured and disabled if present on the machine.


    RipNAS Essentials and Teac USB Drive $165US, $165+VAT EU

    RipNAS Essentials and Teac USB Drive(secure abilities) $215, $215+VAT EU

    RipNAS Essentials Software Only $80, $80+VAT EU, $80 Worldwide


    Internet connection to Windows Home Server machine, for metadata and album art retrieval.
    RipNAS & Drive option requires 2x free USB ports.

    Purchase Details
    Software delivered electronically (ensuring latest version)
    PerfectMeta (AMG, GD3, MusicBrainz & freedb) functions for the life of the product.

    Teac Drive Specifics Includes: Delivery, USB cable (and PS2 power pass through cable for USB 1.1 ports). 1 Years Warranty.

    Check out the dBpoweramp.com site for more details and purchasing options.

    Stay tuned for a homeservershow.com review and podcast on RipNAS Essentials.

    Here is the second video showing you the final steps to upgrade the ram in your Media Smart Server.
    Part 3 will show you how to put it all back together.
    Instructions that were followed in this video can be found at HomeServerHacks.com
    After completing the upgrade you will need to adjust the page file on the server as discussed on the video. That instruction set can also be found at HomeServerHacks.com

    This is part one of upgrading the RAM in your HP MediaSmart Server. The second video player is a Windows Media Player Streamer. It's smaller but does look much better than YouTube though.
    More after the click...

    It's a litle rough around the edges, much like my first podcasts were so hang in there.  The first two minutes are mostly intro and then the video starts.  If you have not seen inside of the MSS this is a good chance.
    The whole process was fairly easy and I'll show you some detailed close-ups of areas that have caused problems.
    The RAM can be found at newegg.com.  Follow this post for the details.
    I'm testing the abilities of Wordpress and video so things may change a bit.  I recorded all of this with a Canon HG-10 Hi-Definition camera so if there is interest in higher resolution video I can get one made.  As always, let me know what you think.
    Part II will follow soon.

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    HUGE announcement at the end of the podcast.  Don't miss it!
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    Just as the headline states, HP has agreed to allow consumers to upgrade their Media Smart Servers and it will not void your warranty.
    Just to make it a little easier, here is the link to the most popular memory module for Media Smart owners. G.SKILL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory



    G.SKILL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory 
    G.SKILL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory

    All the details after the click...

    WGS reports all the details.

    Based on customer feedback, HP will now offer a path for consumers to upgrade the memory on the HP MediaSmart Server without voiding the hardware warranty. HP customer feedback and research shows that some customers are installing multiple add-ins and/or additional software to the MediaSmart Server, which can lead to a need for additional memory.

    Upgrading the memory, in and of itself, will not void the warranty on the MediaSmart Server.  Damage to any part of the MediaSmart Server during the upgrade may violate the warranty, however, leaving the cost for repairs the responsibility of the customer.  Customers should perform a backup to an external device before adding additional memory.

    HP is only providing information on a customer memory upgrade path at this time, and customers will not be able to send their MediaSmart Server to HP to perform the upgrade. Customers may be able to find technical assistance for the memory upgrade, however HP is not recommending or training authorized resellers to conduct the memory upgrade on a MediaSmart Server.  HP has not qualified any particular DIMMs, but compatible memory includes 1GB or 2GB - DDR2 667 MHz DIMMs.  Customers should not upgrade beyond 2 GB of memory. Other than disk drives, HP does not support any other hardware upgrade paths, such as processor upgrades, on the MediaSmart Server.

    Thank you HP.

    Here is the memory module that is most popular with Media Smart Server Owners.  Check out the reviews on Newegg.com.


    G.SKILL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory 
    G.SKILL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory

    Listener Chris e-mailed me about the new Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive.  This drive is $189.99 from Newegg with free shipping.  Follow the link to the goodness.
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive (bare drive)

    Chris also noted a REFURB 1TB drive for $109. It's a green WD. Click the link for the re-spiffied drive.
    Western Digital Caviar GP 1TB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

    Thanks Chris, and thanks to everybody else who sends in deals!

    I found an external drive at one of those deal-a-day websites that might be of interest to WHS users.
    Cavalry 1TB High Speed External Hard Drive USB 2.0 with Internal WD10EACS & One Touch Backup CAUM3701T0-B - NEW for $119.99

    It has an internal WD Green drive.
    Newegg.com has just the drive for $139.99.
    I know I have removed drives from enclosures and replaced with a smaller one so this might be a good opportunity for anyone looking for 1TB drives.  The deal-a-day sites usually have overstock, refurbs, or products that didn't sell very well so I'm not sure what category this drive falls into.  Site says it's new.  It's a green drive so the RPM's are 5400 to 7200.  Take a look for yourself.
    I just ran across the Western Digital Green 1TB drive at Newegg.com for $129.99.  Free Shipping, No Rebates, No Promo Codes needed.  Follow the link to see it at Newegg.

    Western Digital Caviar GP 1TB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
    If you run across drive deals let me know!


    The Home Server Show 17 - News

    By Dave, in Blog,

    Windows Home Server News
    E-mail - Look in the comments section for e-mails answered on the show.  Help us out by leaving your comment.
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    Install Wordpress on WHS
    HAI Media Center
    WHS Most Popular Add-Ins
    10 Computers and 10 Users on WHS
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    Hard Drive Deals for Windows Home Server

    By Dave, in Deals,


    Newegg.com has a 1TB Seagate for $139.99, no codes needed, and free shipping.  Oh how tempting.  I need some of these!  Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1TB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

    Fry's has a SEAGATE 750GB SERIAL ATA/300 16MB BUFFER HARD DRIVE - ST3750640AS for $89.99 with free shipping.

    Zip Zoom Fly has a 1TB Seagate for $126.99 SOLD OUT

    Dell has a 500Gb Seagate for $59.99
    Hey Media Center enthusiasts!  Sony 2x Blu-Ray DVD ROM SATA Internal Drive for $99.99 Free Shipping


    Update:  The Dell dell has expired.  If you missed it, consider subscribing to the RSS feed for this blog.

    The Jungle Disk Windows Home Server Edition BETA allows you to automatically backup your Windows Home Server shared folders to Amazon.com's S3 Storage Service.
    Read the full review here.
    Winners of the Kaspersky software and Train Signal training video.  Listen to the show and hopefully you will be named!
    PP1 Issues reported in Show 15

    WGS Forums
    Microsoft Forums on the issue
    Register your own domain name for WHS
    Add-In: TV Manager 1.0
    Change the name of your MediaSmart Server
    WGS: Autoexit Beta 3
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    Add-In Review:  Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server
    by:  David McCabe
    It doesn't matter how many backups you have of your data if they all reside at the same location.  Enter Off-Site backups.   The Jungle Disk Windows Home Server Edition BETA allows you to automatically backup your Windows Home Server shared folders to Amazon.com's S3 Storage Service.


    This Add-In has won second place in the Code2Fame challenge.
    I started this review process by visiting. http://www.jungledisk.com/ and downloading the Windows Home Server client. This software is in beta and is free but will have a cost associated once it is out of beta. Data storage is not free during the beta period.
    After installing the Add-In you need to activate an account.
    From the add-in you will need to click Backup Settings and get an Amazon S3 Account. Upon clicking this Amazon immediately recognized my business account and allowed me to verify it. Otherwise you will enter your details here to get a new account.  If you have an Amazon account you will not have to sign up for a separate account.
    The next screen you see will be the fee table.
    Storage Costs
    Amazon Simple Storage Service
    United States
    $0.15 per GB-Month of storage used
    Data Transfer
    $0.100 per GB - all data transfer in
    $0.170 per GB - first 10 TB / month data transfer out
    $0.130 per GB - next 40 TB / month data transfer out
    $0.110 per GB - next 100 TB / month data transfer out
    $0.100 per GB - data transfer out / month over 150 TB
    $0.01 per 1,000 PUT, POST, or LIST requests
    $0.01 per 10,000 GET and all other requests*
    *There is no charge for delete requests
    $0.18 per GB-Month of storage used
    Data Transfer
    $0.100 per GB - all data transfer in
    $0.170 per GB - first 10 TB / month data transfer out
    $0.130 per GB - next 40 TB / month data transfer out
    $0.110 per GB - next 100 TB / month data transfer out
    $0.100 per GB - data transfer out / month over 150 TB
    $0.012 per 1,000 PUT, POST, or LIST requests
    $0.012 per 10,000 GET and all other requests*
    *There is no charge for delete requests
    Data transfer "in" and "out" refers to transfer into and out of Amazon S3.
    Data transferred between Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, is free of charge (i.e., $0.00 per GB),
    except data transferred between Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3-Europe, which will be charged at regular rates.
    Storage and bandwidth size includes all file overhead.
    The next screen you will see in the sign-up process will be the typical Amazon Sign in screen and lastly a verification of you Jungle Disk order. Here you will accept the agreement and your billing date will be established. My screen stated, “You will be charged for your usage of this web service and any applicable taxes on the next billing date, September 1, 2008.”
    After accepting I was taken to a Thank you page where I was told I would receive an e-mail confirmation.
    I checked my inbox to find two e-mails from Amazon. The first email informs me that I need an access key. It gives a link to a web-site to “obtain” the access key. Upon clicking you will  see the key and the hidden secret key. These two keys should be copied and pasted into the Jungle Disk WHS Add-In under Backup Settings.
    You use your Access Identifiers to identify yourself as the sender of a request to an AWS web service. Access identifiers are also used to authenticate requests to AWS. For services that require authenticated requests, where you need to prove that you are authorized to make the request, you must sign the request by including a "signature" in the request. A request signature is calculated using the pair of public / private Access Identifiers.
    The Second e-mail:
    Greetings from Amazon Web Services,
    Thank you for signing up for Amazon Simple Storage Service. You now have immediate access to Amazon Simple Storage Service and can build innovative and entrepreneurial applications using this and other AWS web services.
    This sounds like you could build your own WHS Add-In. It also gives you a link to check your usage and billing. Since Jungle Disk is a part of Amazon Web Services the e-mails are what you would receive had you signed up for AWS and they are not specifically geared towards the WHS user. Amazon S3 is the storage service of AWS.
    Configuring a Backup Scenario

    My account is ready to go so I am going to choose some data to backup. I go to Backup Settings in the Add-In and it opens the Settings panel of your WHS. It’s here where you will choose the backup Start and End time, as well as the Shares you want to backup. There is no way to further drill down to folder level. You backup the whole Share or nothing. You can also limit the bandwidth as well as set the deleted file removal period from here. A setting I didn’t test is the encryption setting which allows you to encrypt each file before backing up.
    I cleared most of the check boxes on the directories to backup limiting it to a test directory. The main status page changed from not configured to Idle. You really have to be organized with your shared folders so I recommend organizing before getting started with this Add-In.

    I would like to see some sort of usage tab in the Add-in. I would like to know my billing and usage estimated from the add-in instead of having to login to Amazon and look. Even though the account web-site offers very detailed information about your usage it still would be nice to have a summary.
    I started out with 45.6 MB in 13 files. A very simple test that performed easily during my backup window.
    I transferred more data to the directory for another backup. 1.50GB, 452 files total. Including a few sub folders. That night during the backup I reached the end time so the backup stopped and will again resume in 24 hours. The status will tell you, “Max backup time reached.”
    My test folder is finally backed up. I have a slow upload speed on my DSL so it took a few days to backup my files. I also have my backup windows set very narrowly to backup at 3AM to 8AM and upload speed limited to 128kbs. Both of these options are in the Backup Settings tab.
    On September 1st I was enjoying a Labor Day Parade with my family and I received an email on my phone telling me my Amazon billing statement was ready. I thought this to be handy. The total was even on the email with a link to more detailed information.

    My activity has so far cost me 21 Cents. In the graphic you can see there is a one cent charge for a GET request. I don’t recall performing a GET since I haven’t started the restore portion of this test. It’s just a penny but it would be nice to know how it got on the bill. I am wondering if simply clicking the Restore button in the Add-In has caused the GET. I don’t recall if and when I clicked but if I was seriously wondering when I could look at a detailed log in my account settings.
    Restore Test of 12 Files, 45.4MB. I deleted these files from my test directory and then clicked Restore Files from the Add-In. One handy option was the option to show files that are not present locally. My 12 files were the only ones present. Uncheck this box and you can see your whole backup. I hi-lighted all the files and clicked a box and all files were chosen. That is nice to see as well. I simply click Restore files and my files showed up as fast as I could download them.


    Data Protection
    - Your data is fully encrypted prior to leaving your Home Server machine using AES-256
    - Checksums of your data are verified during the upload process to eliminate the chance of corruption
    - Amazon stores your data on multiple servers across the country to protect against data loss
    - Multiple file versions are stored, allowing you to restore older copies in case of local corruption

    Cost Breakdowns
    A quick look at my data and what the costs associated would be with according to the Jungle Disk's cost table of .15 per GB storage,  .10 per GB uploaded. This doesn’t include the minimal Get and Put fees. My photos, videos, and HD camcorder files are 138GB That would equate to a $13.80 upload fee and a $20.70 monthly charge for the first month.  Subsequent months would only be $20.70 as long as you don't upload or download anything else.  Annual cost would be $241.50 which is a bit pricey.
    What if I wanted to backup all my data? Jungle Disk Annual Cost - $397.10 + $24.10 to transfer it = $421.20 Yikes!
    The beta WHS Add-In has no fee associated and I didn’t see any hints as to what Its cost may be in the future. For reference, the desktop version of Jungle Disk is a $20 one time fee that includes lifetime upgrades.
    Conclusion on Jungle Disk
    I spoke with Dave Wright of Jungle Disk and he looked at the math on my backup scenario and it checked out. He also said that “We are planning on updating the add-in, but don't have a specific schedule at this time.”  He also tells me they are planning to allow more control in the future as to what folders you are able to backup.
    Jungle Dave also said that there are no restrictions as to what type of data you backup. More importantly, your account will not be deleted if you backup business documents.
    Strength of Amazon.com. No worries of your data disappearing.
    Ease of Use.
    Truly unlimited storage. No “reasonable usage” clause.
    This add-in has been quiet since an updated release in December 2007.
    Client will eventually have a cost associated once out of beta.
    Can only backup at the Share level.
    No usage information in the Add-In.
    Although I list more Con’s, the Add-In was very easy to use and I feel comfortable in letting Amazon store my precious files.  Should anything ever happen in my home and I lose all my files I doubt I would feel the service is "pricey."
    Copyright:  David McCabe, Connexx, LLC. 2008

    This is your last chance to register for Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 suite and the Train Signal training freebies.  I will be closing registration on September 3rd at midnight CST.  It's very simple to register.  Follow these links to the reviews of each product and leave a comment.  I will draw from the comments on each product.
    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009
    Train Signal Windows Home Server Training Video
    Thank you Kaspersky and Train Signal.

  • Our picks

    • I throw this out every once in a while.  Is anyone interested in writing up "semi-formal" reviews here on the forums?  I say semi-formal because they don't have to be pro level, just a good attempt at telling the story about the gear.  Something you have purchased lately.  You don't have to go buy stuff, just incorporate what you have already have purchased.  Hit me up with any questions.  You never know where it will lead!
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    • D-Link has dropped a couple of new products and additions to their lineup of smart home gear.  Hold on because there is a lot of gear!
      Let's start with cameras.  D-Link has new Wi-Fi cameras, the Full HD Pan and Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-8302LH) and Full HD Indoor and Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-8526LH).  These are not just new, and good looking cams, they can now perform people detection and glass break detection.  The new cameras also feature expanded ways for customers to save video, including ONVIF Profile S, which enables custom storage and streaming options to personal NAS devices, built-in storage microSD capacity up to 256 GB, as well as free and paid cloud storage options. 

      This year's camera models include both an indoor and an outdoor model. The outdoor model features a spotlight and siren that can be triggered when motion is detected, deterring potential intruders. The indoor model pans around to give a full 360-degree view of any room and tracks motion. Both include two-way audio. 
      Full HD Pan and Tilt Pro Wi-Fi Camera is the model (DCS-8302LH), available in Q2, 2020, and retail pricing will be $99.99.
      Full HD Indoor and Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera is the model (DCS-8526LH), available in Q3, 2020, and retail pricing will be $119.99.
      One of my favorite products is Wi-Fi.  D-Link has a whole lot of new products coming including Wi-Fi 6, Mesh, Alexa and Google Assistant integration, IFTTT, Parental Controls, and more!

      There are so many new SKU's that I can't make heads or tails of them!  I'm going to be speaking with D-Link more this week and will sort all of these out. I do want you to see all they are offering and what the release date and projected retail pricing will be.

      AC1900 Scalable Mesh Wi-Fi Router (COVR-1900-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
      AC1750 Mesh Wi-Fi Router (DIR-1750-US), Q1 2020, $99.99
      AC1900 Mesh Wi-Fi Router (DIR-1950-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
      AC1750 Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1755-US), Q1 2020, $99.99
      AC1950 Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1955-US), Q1 2020, $109.99
      Smart AX1500 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X1560-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
      Smart AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X1870-US), Q2 2020, $139.99
      Smart AX2400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X2460-US), Q3 2020, $159.99
      Smart AX5400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X5460-US), Q1 2020, $279.99
      AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender (DAP-X1870-US), Q2 2020, $129.99
      AX1800 Whole Home Mesh System (COVR-X1872-US), QX22020, $269.99
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    • RESET Merch Shop
      Get ya Merch here!  I've created a T-Shirt shop with the famous RESET paperclip. I've pasted that clip on just about everything so you can wear it around town!  Cable bags, Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, and more. 
      or you can get it it via
      Here is the main design.

      Below is a part of the order that I put in!  

      The Heather Grey above is the Extra Soft version and it is awesome.  I highly recommend the softness!    The "Chili Red" is the Tri-Blend and probably my favorite feel and color.

      This is the Zip-Up Hoody, Heather Indigo, Sponge Fleece, Men's, Large.  In my podcast I couldn't remember what style it was but it is Sponge Fleece. It's REALLY soft on the inside. Soft outside as well. The only problem is with the zip up hoody the logo is on the back. Regular hoody, it will be on the front.
      or you can get it it via
      Thank you for supporting this community. Everything you purchase will help keep the lights on the hard drives spinning.
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    • OneDrive Personal Vault and expandable storage
      Microsoft's OneDrive has a few new features and options worth pointing out.  Personal Vault and Expandable Storage.
      Personal Vault is a protected area in OneDrive that can only be accessed with a strong authentication method or a second step of identity verification, such as your fingerprint, face, PIN, or a code sent to you via email or SMS. 
      Personal Vault gives you an added layer of protection for your most important files, photos, and videos—for example, copies of documents such as your passport, driver’s license, or insurance information—should someone gain access to your account or device.
      Plus, this added security won’t slow you down. You can quickly access your important documents, photos, and files with confidence wherever you are, on your PC, OneDrive.com, or your mobile device.

      Beyond a second layer of identity verification, Personal Vault also includes the following security measures:
      Scan and shoot—Using the OneDrive app, you can scan documents or shoot photos directly into your Personal Vault, keeping them off less secure areas of your device, like your camera roll.
      Automatic locking—No need to worry about whether you left your Personal Vault or your files open—both will close and lock automatically after a period of inactivity.
      BitLocker encryption—On Windows 10 PCs, OneDrive automatically syncs your Personal Vault files to a BitLocker-encrypted area of your local hard drive.
      Restricted sharing—To prevent accidental sharing, files in Personal Vault and shared items moved into Personal Vault cannot be shared.
      Taken together, these security measures help ensure that Personal Vault files are not stored unprotected on your PC, and your files have additional protection, even if your Windows 10 PC or mobile device is lost, stolen, or someone gains access to it or to your account.
      Expandable Storage
      If you are and Office 365 Subscriber you get 1 TB of OneDrive storage space with all the other Office goodies like Word, Excel, etc.  I know personally that I have gone over the 1TB limit and have always wanted to be able to add additional storage to my account.  Now you can!

      Pick and option and keep on hoarding, errr, I mean saving! Cancel anytime, upgrade at any moment.
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    • Ubiquiti adds new items to the Unifi Line including UAP Flex HD and the Unifi Dream machine
      Ubiquiti has been busy.  There area ton of new items to recently released and I'm going to share two of my favorites.
      The UAP Flex HD and the Unifi Dream machine. The Flex HD is a mouthful of descriptors like most of UI gear is.  It's a 2Ghz 2x2 MIMO, 5GHz 4x4 MU-MIMO, POE, Indoor/Outdoor, multi mount, mesh point that is no bigger than a can of Coke.

      You will still need the Unifi controller although you can configure it with basic functionality with the Unifi App.  I've always found it's best to configure with your controller and then use the app as an add-on.  There are several mounting options that include sitting it on a shelf! That is something that Unifi has not had before unless you count the ceiling AP I have awkwardly mounted placed on top of a few books.  It can be found on the Unifi store for $179.
      The Dream Machine is an altogether different beast that I hope lives up to its naming.  This is the gateway drug, for lack of a better term, to the Unifi world.  The starter kit.  It is an Access Point, Gigabit Switch, Security Gateway, and the Cloud Key all in one package.  The latter being the most significant as this is something that has deterred new users from getting started with Unifi.  Requiring new users to purchase a $100 item just to run the AP's has been somewhat of a roadblock in the past.  Granted, that is improving every year with the ability to run it in the cloud, on a NAS, a Pi, Docker, MacOS, and of course Windows, it is still a barricade to getting up and running when manufacturers such as Eero offer simplicity in an app.

      The switch includes 4 LAN Ports and 1 WAN port.  All of which are Gigabit and security services such as IPS are rated at Gigabit speed. It's $299 in the Unifi store but I'm unsure how nicely it will play with other Unifi gear.  This may be a nice "first AP" with its built in Cloud Key if you can add additional units or other Unifi access points.
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