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    The Home Server Show 40 - HP MediaSmart Server Video DVD iPhone Software Update




    Today's podcast is all about the newly announced HP MediaSmart Server Video DVD iPhone Software Update.  I have audio snippets from a HP teleconference where HP's Allen Buckner and Glenn Roberts explain the features of this update.  A big thank you to HP for allowing me to publish this audio.


    Let me know your thoughts on the update.  Leave a comment or e-mail me.  podcast -insertatsign- homeservershow.com


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    Yes I am angry that the ex47x user is left out. What about us who have upgraded to 2GB of memory. The 1.8GHz AMD processor is not powerful enough to do these conversions in the background? Sounds like they should let machines with 2GB of memory have the update. Just my opinion.

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    Hey Dave, Congrats first of all on the new addition! Good show, interesting to see the direction that they are taking the New HP's, but you do think they are missing an opportunity for prior models. Not many people will have more than 1 of these units in there house, want to keep your customers happy, you think you would want at least the opportunity to upsell some new services.... Having a frakenbuild, I am always wondering what I am missing by not going with the HP or other manufacturers. Do have codecs and tversity running on my machine and it has worked out, just had to mess around with it a little bit, streaming to my XBOX360 and wanted to play anything that I have, still working out some issues, but so far, so good. With integration of iphone, you wonder how long it will take for someone to integrate with blackberry or other type devices. In this financial environment good to see resources still being poured into development. Working on the pics for the Frakenbuild, getting through tax week first!!!!!

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    This should be an optional upgrade. I upgraded my 475 with the RAM and processor updates suggested on homeserverhacks.com Those changes actually give the 475 a more powerful processor than the new 485. Go figure. I'm deeply jealous that the new WHS automagically converts VOB files to a format for your 360 or Tivo and iPhone. Deeply, deeply jealous.

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    Yes indeed- I am very upset that HP is ignoring their prior customers. IMHO they should make this software available for free with the caveat that stock EX47x series machines will have performance issues. At the same time they need to make the other EX48x series software available to EX47x owners, i.e. the new features that shipped with the EX48x machines, with the same caveat. Bottom line to vendors: don't turn your back on customers- it's not a good business model.

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    Thanks HP for supporting your past customers. Guess the next server will be a DIY.

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