• Dave
    The Home Server Show is putting word out to all you graphic and Photoshop gurus. Admittedly, I am terrible at making any sort of graphic to support a website. I can take a photo and doctor it up a bit but that's all. Create anything original? Not happening. So, I put it to the community. Anyone care to donate some time to the cause?
    The show could use a standard theme. A banner, a 300x300 pixel box, a 144x144 pixel box, and an icon for the web browser(favicon.ico). I do have some photos of the MediaSmart Server if that would help. Mostly close-up shots of the bottom front panel. I was hoping to incorporate that into the theme. Send your ideas to homeserver The mail domain is myconnexx.com.
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    The HomeServerHacks.com Blog has posted a great deal on a Media Smart Server. I'm not just repeating the deal, I bought one! I am already running the EX475 so this one is not for me. If you search for EX475 on Newegg's site the Hard Drive deal will be at the bottom. It is a "Refurb" and I didn't see a choice between the drive and a wireless router but I would have chosen the drive anyway. I am scheduled to receive the hard drive tomorrow so I will post on the outcome.
    Update: The WD drive arrived and I couldn't tell if it was a refurb or not. There were no stickers or mention of it anywhere. Drive is in my server and working fine. Great deal.