Windows Home Server spotted at CES 2010

CES 2010 was not a huge year for the Windows Home Server product but there were some sightings on the show floor.  Before I show you the servers I should first mention the omissions.


The Keynote speech by Steve Ballmer was the first snub.  No server seen, no server spoken about.  I didn’t really expect a big mention so that wasn’t a major deal.  At least Windows Media Center was; pardon the play on words, front and center.

The biggest Windows Home Server player missing was HP.  HP elected to staff meeting rooms instead of a larger booth presence this year.  They also had a table at Showstoppers but there was no server in sight.  I was a bit disappointed by that no-show.


CES 2010 001

Windows Home Server made a splash outside of the convention center.  You can see here in this photo that the poles were wrapped in Windows Home Server ads.

Wait a minute, weren’t those ad’s there last year?

Who says you can’t get some mileage out of Windows Home Server?


At the Intel booth there was the HP LX195 and a very knowledgeable presenter in front of it.  She knew more than the simple bullet points of the Windows Home Server.  I was very impressed by her presentation.  Intel was showing off it’s Atom processor in this corner of the booth.

The Microsoft booth had it’s share of servers present as well as the newcomer, LaCie.

CES 045 CES 043

CES 044

The first photo shows the Lacie, Asus, and the D-Link all vying for attendee attention.  The LaCie was impressive and I’ll have more on it in a later post but here is a teaser of the back with all the goodies.

There was not a big sign for the Windows Home Server but they were prominently displayed in the Media Center area.  You can see in the screen shot photo that it’s a Media Smart server.  I believe this is the same server that made an appearance at a Bloggers Party over at the Atomic Testing Museum.  You will hear audio from that venue later on.

CES Day 3,  Las Vegas 002 CES Day 3,  Las Vegas 008

If these three guys would move out of the way you could see better!

I made it a point to stop by the D-Link booth to see their Home Server in action with their newly released camera Add-In called D-ViewCam. You can see in the photos that they were using the Acer server and it looked nice on the table but you could clearly see that the Add-In was not running on the laptop beside the server.  I asked a D-Link rep why and the reply was,”It was a Windows7 issue.”  I thought that was interesting.  Why wouldn’t they spend a little more time to get the Add-In working and displaying the cameras?  The last photo was on the top of this kiosk and shows what we were supposed to see.

CES 046 CES 047CES 048

I looked around the Asus booth and had a hard time finding a Windows Home Server.  Finally, on the back side of the booth I found a small shelf at about kneecap level with the Asus TS mini sitting on it.  The server was covered in dust and carpet lint and was not making a good first impression!  This is not a very flattering photo but I dusted off the server the best I could.  I had to use my jacket as I was all out of dust wipes.

CES 2010 024 Lenovo was sporting their wares at a bloggers party hosted in the Venetian.  This place was rocking with awesome food and some beautiful people.  I have no idea how I got invited!  I made the Home Server area my own little party spot and sampled some of the free beverages that were available.

IMG_1570 IMG_1566

It was cool to see the server streaming to the media receiver which is on the left side of the TV.  Did I mention the beautiful people?

IMG_1565Oh wait, that’s just Ian Dixon of The Media Center Show!

So who is this?


It’s Terry Walsh and Jim Clark of  Ok, so they let just about everyone into this party!  Great fun guys.

I was hoping to see a better showing but that’s all I found.  Kudos to the vendors that had working servers running for all to see.  Did anyone else find a server in action?

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  1. lkleijwegt says:

    I think, you meant a HP LX195


    Leen Kleijwegt

    The Netherlands

  2. Homeserver says:

    Yep, I changed EX195 to LX195. Thanks for catching that!