Windows Home Server Drive Balancer Utility

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4 Responses

  1. zoffin says:

    Sounds like a good tool. And an obvious one. But it's too obvious! Can we try and have some comment from Microsoft as to why their drive extender functionality doesn't do this already? It all makes sense but there must be a reason that it wasn't part of the code already?

  2. PINKTULIP says:

    Guys i have searched high and low and cannot find this add-in does anyone out there have a link please i really need this i have six drives in my box 5 of them running at approx 50% capacity and for some reason my largest 1Tb drive is almost full!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the information about Windows Home Server Drive Balancer Utility. I think it is really wonderful software you have provided here and all these were useful information which I wasn't aware of. Now I know how to overcome the problems when memory is out of bound.