Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Phone 7 app RC Video Edition

So here is the name that Microsoft give the release candidate of the Windows Home Server add in and Windows Phone 7 app… “Windows Home Server 2011 Windows Phone 7 Connector”.  Man that is a mouth full, wish it was a little simpler.  Well at least the app as it appears in the phone is a little simpler “My Home Server”.  Below is a link to a video of the add-in installation process, connecting the Phone 7 app to Windows Home Server 2011, and navigating the various screens in the app.  I haven’t have a chance to really kick the tires yet, but here is a first look.



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6 Responses

  1. homeservershow says:

    Looks like youtube has the video blocked. I have notified the author, JVK, and hopefully will get it straightened out!

  2. Roger says:

    When I try and run it (UK); I am told it contains EMI copyrighted material and is blocked in my country ???

  3. Anthony Boykin says:

    Video was ok however some voice narration would help the viewer understand what else was going on after you did the install of the app on your sever and phone. Had to watch
    Several times to get and understanding of what was going on.

    Also check focuses of camera wasn’t able to read the print on the phone.
    Thank you this is sometime I would to setup here.

  4. homeservershow says:

    Does it stream recorded TV jvk?

    • jvk says:

      Apparently not since DVR-MS and WTV are not in the list of supported Codecs. I suppose if you wanted to transcode it to an WMV that would work… don't forget that the video file has to be in one of your Media Share Folders on the server to be picked up by the app.