WHS Advanced Admin Console Update Now Available

Good news for those of us who use Advanced Admin Console for Windows Home Server Version 1. A new version (0.5.4) is available which is a maintenance release that fixes some bugs.


Here’s what the developer Andreas Miceli has to say about the update:

“This is a maintenance release which fixes a number of minor bugs and one major bug in the update discovery mechanism which prevented Japanese and Chinese users from being notified when an update was available. In addition, a possible conflict with other AddIns has been resolved. This update improves the stability and reliability of the Advanced Admin Console and I recommend to all current users to upgrade to the latest release.”

Advanced Admin Console 0.5.4

Download Advanced Admin Console 0.5.4 and put it in the Add-Ins directory in your shared software folder. Then open the WHS Console and click Settings >> Add-ins >> Installed then uninstall the previous version 0.5.2.


After it’s uninstalled, sign back into WHS Console and go to Settings >> Add-Ins >> Available and install the new version.


Sign back into WHS Console again and you should be good to go. Go back into Settings >> Add-Ins >> Installed to verify it was installed successfully.


If you’re not using Advanced Admin Console for WHS Version 1 you’re missing out. This is one of the first Add-Ins I setup when building a new Home Server…it provides a lot of functionality to the Console.

If you want to discuss the new version of Advanced Admin Console more, leave a comment below or head over to the Home Server Show Forums.

Download Advanced Admin Console Add-In 0.5.4

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