What’s new in Windows Home Server 2011

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5 Responses

  1. zeeke says:

    So Have I gotten this right:

    If you do add a raid5 solution with say 5x2TB drives, you would have to split that up in 2TB chunks in order to use it with WHS2011? Or does that only apply to physical 3TB drives?

  2. Homeserver says:

    You do not have to split your 3TB drives up via the method that MS provides with WHS2011. Just be aware that volumes larger than 2TB cannot be backed up with WHS2011's server backup feature. You do not have to split up drives if you put them in a RAID array either.

  3. jam3ohio says:

    So if I used 5 2TB drives and wanted to back up my data, I’d have to rsynch or something like that rather than using the console?

    How will the biz-oriented versions handle something like backing up a 10TB RAID? Should larger-data-need folks be looking at the next version up and load Twonky or Orb or something like that to manage and backup these size arrays?


  4. Moondog2010 says:

    No 3+TB support=Epic Fail… I'm not gonna bother with WHS 2011 thank you very much Microdorks…


  5. BigUrn1980 says:

    As long as I can keep slapping 2 terrabyte HD's in my old one…..why pay for 11??? I mean at this point 60 bucks for 11 = another hard drive….lol (and with all the add in's from the community WHS is so much more robust….I'll check back in a year or so)