Vail Test Server Build

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9 Responses

  1. jmwills says:

    So Dave, the Icy Dock drive is mounted in what would have been a DVD bay or is it normally suited for any 3.5" bay? RAID 1?

  2. jmwills says:

    I meant to say 5.25″.

  3. Homeserver says:

    That Icy Dock case mounts in a 3.5″ hard drive bay. There are no electronics on it, just a mount. I’ll try to get you some photos in action.

  4. [email protected] says:

    Sweet build! From “ran MemTestx86 for 12 hours and no errors” means MemTestx86 is for testing a motherboard/memory to ensure it’s OK? Can you point me to additional info? If this weren’t a test box, would you change anything? I’m debating home build this round (have EX485 now) to give me more control. HP does add some pretty sweet software, though.