TiVo Storage and Windows Home Server

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6 Responses

  1. usacomp2k3 says:

    Thanks for the writeup. That's some good information there.

  2. [email protected] says:


    Thanks for this awsome writeup! I'm one of those mixed environment guys… HP MSS EX485 for media storage, 2 WMC7 PCs, 2 xbox 360's used as extenders, Tivo HD and Tivo Series 2 (both with lifetime service), and Tivo Desktop Plus to help make some of the mixed environment magic work. I can play ripped DVDs from my WHS to my Tivo's courtesy of Desktop Plus… it's not pretty (interface wise), but the video is fine. Somewhat clunky to do, but it works. I haven't had time to figure out if the new HP/Tivo add-in will improve this, so if you know a better way, please chime in. Here are the are the steps I use:

    1 – Rip using My Movies and AnyDVD to VOB files stored on server.

    2 – Use MSS HP Video Converter to convert VOB files to H.264 file in "Converted Videos" folder.

    3 – Right Click on "Movie.mp4" and Create Shortcut.

    4 – Move shortcut file to Tivo Recordings folder (which unfortunately has to be on the PC running Tivo Desktop Plus(TDP)). Movie can be on server, but shortcut has to be on PC w/ TDP).

    5 – browse from any connected Tivo to PC running TDP and select movie from list. Unfortunately, you only get the raw file name… no meta data… something like "Saving_Private_Ryan.mp4" or whatever. Movie plays without start menu, so there's no chapter selection or anything. FF and RW work along with pause and resume.

    My method… is ALMOST "there"… but still WAY TOO geeky for a normal human. AKA, my wife! :-) I'm hoping to leverage my paid-for Tivo's as I migrate my main living room TV to WMC7 and move the Tivo HD to the bedroom.

    Until the Ceton tuners come out, I'd like to be able to use the Tivo HD to record shows, and be able to transfer/migrate/transcode or WHATEVER to be able to serve those recordings up to the Windows Media Center part of my ecosystem without going through huge gyrations manually each time. Any ideas on how I could do that? I'm definitely going to check out KMTTG… had never heard of it before.

    Thanks again for this great writeup. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Tivo/WHS land!

    Regards, Rich

  3. jashton says:

    I just tried this with the Series 2 Tivo that I have, and the log in credentials are not correct.

    Any ideas?

  4. @purana says:

    Thanks for this post, I never heard of kmttg, and think its not bad app. Better still it has tivodecode binary that actually works and doesn't crash (like another copy I found).