The Windows Home Server Vail Feature List

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5 Responses

  1. ttremeth says:

    Where is media center integration? Server 2008 is basically Windows 7? So surely drivers is not a huge issue? My home-server has digital sound now and the xp drivers work fine in most cases. My media center just plays videos and music and the home server has more than enough grunt to do both as originally it was the pseudo server anyway.

  2. dvn says:

    Nice write up. Yes, someone's going to have to come up with a hack that allows pooled drives to be readable when slaved to another PC. What is this new proprietary DE file format? Here's AnandTech's explanation:

    Regarding the MSS unattended install on an EX495: It was simple enough once I realized that 2 of the blue lights on my EX495 were never going to stop blinking. I then looked for VAILSERVER in my main PC's Windows Explorer. Once it showed up, and I was able to navigate its folder shares, I had no problem setting up the connector software. *For what it's worth, there were about 4 or 5 things listed in Device Manager that weren't properly installed. Nevertheless, I was able to take a look around the system. The EX495 hardware seemed to be zippy enough.