The Third Annual Home Server Show Meetup

Mark your calendars because I’m giving you plenty of notice this time!  The 3rd annual meetup of the Home Server Show Community will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana on September 21, 2013I don’t have a venue yet as I’m trying to gauge how many of you will try to attend.  Please RSVP here, if you plan on attending.   The address and further information are on the Evite Invitation.  There is a forum thread discussing all the details here.  You are free to jump in there and offer ideas, etc.

The meetup is both social and educational.  We will be offering demonstrations, hand on gear stations, food, and camaraderie.  The 2nd annual meetup here in Indy was a huge success and we put it together in less than two months.  I’m hoping this time it’s bigger than the first two years combined.  Jim and I have had two years to learn and it’s my hope that we put on a more organized and thought out meetup that you will get plenty of value from.  This year is a combine effort with and so the turnout should be larger.  Don’t forget the cool give away items too!


I’ll be publishing more about the meetup in the months to come.  I’ll get you travel information, hotels, area info, etc.  The best place for information right now is the forum thread linked here.  These guys have been to Indy and know all the ins and outs.

Stay tuned to the blog, podcast, and Twitter for more information.  I hope to see you in Indy.

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