The Luma vs Eero Testing Podcast HSS 303

I’ve got Luma and I don’t know what to do with it!  If you follow the HSS Forums you no doubt have heard about the Luma debacle that is unfolding. We go over that as well as hammer out a testing method for the Luma that I have in hand.  When I’m done testing I’m giving it away! Listen to find out how.

Well also cover some news.  I’ve got Patron shout outs, D-Link has some new cameras that you will want to hear about, I’ve got a follow up on Ecobee, Spruce for SmartThings, and Meetup 2016.  It’s a long show but it’s a handsome one, Clark!

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D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-936L)

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D-Link HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-5030L):

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My router is a Cisco RV 325

Dimming the light of an eero

Eero Backhaul

Eero – Turn off the Guest AP to get performance back

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