The Icy Dock 5.25” Hot Swap Drive Caddy for a 2.5” and a 3.5” SATA Drive – DuoSwap MB971SP-B

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18 Responses

  1. NewDuoSwapFan says:

    Great Article, impressive; I just ordered myself a Icy Dock MB971SP-B. this will allow me to be a lot more flexible. thank you

  2. Homeservicer says:

    Joe, Followed your instructions to a T and found almost everything works as described. However, the system does not, for some reason, recognize the eSata, drive. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Joe Miner says:

      Sorry to hear about your problem. I would suggest trying to narrow down the problem. Also be sure to post your problem in the Forums like… and… Can your system see the drive if you put it in another drivebay/port? I'm sure you've checked cable connections — do you hve different eSATA to SATA cables to try? I assume your SATA port is recognized — have you tried switching the SATA connections on the Icy Dock? Hope this helps — be sure to post in the Forums and let us know how it is going. I'm sure others will hve additional ideas on what to check/look at.

      • Homeservicer says:

        Joe, Thank you for replying so quickly to a noobie. First, I will certainly post problems in the future to the forums. Just for completeness, let me say here that my skills in adequately seating the motherboard back into place were…um…lacking. Everything is now working just as you specified it. I really appreciate your series of articles on turning the microserver into really excellent solution within its limited footprint. Thank you for your work.

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  4. musafir12 says:

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  5. Just Checking says:

    Very Good Information. I do have a couple questions for you. Picture 11 of 48 has a blue cable that connects to the sata data ports on the back of the drive caddy. It also continues on to terminate in a third sata connector. Where did you get that cable and do you have a P.N. for it? I also cannot see where it terminates at the other end on the M.B.. Where does it terminate on the M.B. (I am assuming it is a sata port)? Is there interference if multiple drives are connected to the same port and is there a built-in switch to allow discrimination of the data streams from the multiple drives this allows?

    Finally, a very dumb question – where is the free sata port at the front of the M.B. that is used for connecting in the drive 5? I am planning on connecting in a SSD to that port for a dedicated OS drive instead of the esata port (that is going to go for a HDD drive 6). I looked on my N54L and only find the free USB port which I used to flash in the Mod-Bios. That was slick and I had no problems with that.

    I purchased a 4 USB3.0 (3 ext. and 1 int.) port PCIe card. The internal USB 3.0 port is a Type A female port. I tried to find a USB3.0 Type A male to 7-pin Sata connector cable that I could plug in the drive 6 to free up the esata port on the back of the server housing? I was also thinking I could also put in another SSD as drive 7 in the space under the ICYDock and connect it to this USB 3.0 port if I could find a USB 3.0 to 22 pin sata connector that also doesn't require an external power plug-in.

  6. Joe_Miner says:

    Hi Just Checking! The SATA cables attached to the DuoSwap in Picture 11 are not attached to anything – I used 2 angle connectors to illustrate my point that the SATA ports on the back of the DuoSwap had been designed to mirror their connections so that you could do just what I was showing. The light blue flat SATA cable and the Red Flat eSATA-SATA cables are the two cables I actually connected to the DuoSwap as you can see in Pictures 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18 and later. I am not connecting multiple drives to the same Port.
    SATA II Port 5 that is on the System Board (and is one of the connections to the DuoSwap) is the light blue SATA cable in Picture 15 (and other pictures).

  7. Joe_Miner says:

    In the first picture of the System Board in this Thread… you can see the SATA port just RIGHT of the battery – next to the battery on the left is the USB port and also left of the battery – that the screw driver is pointed at – is the Mini SAS connector that goes to the main drive 4-bay.
    I don’t know if the USB3.0 card you purchased will work. You should post in the Forums and maybe someone will have some ideas on how to do what you want to do.