The Home Server Show Podcast 190

It’s another Windows Home Server post-mortem but there are no tears; only celebration.  Well, maybe not that happy but we are looking more in depth at Windows Server 2012 Essentials.  The more it’s torn apart the more comfortable it gets.  We talk about domains, workgroups, Storage Spaces, RAID, SSD, and TechNet.  The one question we have however, is this a product for the home or not?  Listen in and find out.

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Icy Dock
Two 2.5” slots and one low profile DVD slot.  Looks great for a server and even has an example photo of a box like the HP Microserver.

Windows 8 Available on Oct 26

Lights Out Beta for WS2012 Essentials

Windows Server 2012 Feature List courtesy Joe Nalewabau from Windows Server Essentials Team

Download Windows Server Essentials 2012 right now!

The Death of Windows Home Server

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13 Responses

  1. tinkererguy says:

    Hey guys, just got to listen to 190 tonight, another great podcast!

    I heard you talking about the whole domain issue, so glad you covered this for the broad audience.

    FYI, in the forums, there's a thread about these domain and workgroup tests that went rather well:

    Basically boils down to installing the connector, reboot, you're in the domain (if on Win 7 Pro/Ultimate), simply re-join the workgroup and reboot again, and you're all set, daily backups and dashboard and shares all work just fine, just like WHSv1 or WHS2011 again.

  2. tinkererguy says:

    I should add that the video demonstration was posted here:

    and I'm so glad the team encouraged me to try this simple way to avoid the admin hassle of domains, from a client PC user's perspective.

    I'm still frustrated that the remote access stuff (easy way for remote PCs to do daily backups, without VPN client complexity) is tougher because of the domain model on the server side, the whole workgroup model with simple certificates for remote access was so much better.

    But hey, the sting of loosing some simplicity is wiped away entirely by the joy of daily backups going so very much faster than ever before, far more important to me and my family (and some lab VMs that autologin for ease-of-use using netplwiz.exe).

  3. g.wade tech says:

    Any updates on getting the "What I Use" section of the site up and running?

  4. g.wade tech says:

    Sounds like we need to create a poll of when Jim will adopt Win8… Agree? [Listen to Podcast @ 1:05:00]

    • homeservershow says:

      We all know Jim is on board with Win 8. My belief anyways. John? Not so sure.

    • Jim Collison says:

      Gordon…that was a reference to WS2012e and not Windows8. Already have Window 8 running on my laptop and would use it for sure on a Surface device. As far as going to Windows 8 on my PCs (Trucks) at home, not going to happen at first. WS2012e as a production server at home, I am waiting.

      • g.wade tech says:

        Okay, thanks for correcting me on that. I am very much leaning towards a single Windows 8 machine serving everything in the home… One Big Truck (OBT).

  5. Jim Collison says:

    I have to admit that the problems I had with Storage Spaces in the demo at the end of the podcast was my error. Storage Spaces only shows the very first space and collapses the rest in the menu. I thought I was looking at all the drives when I was only looking at the first Space and the two drives that were in. My mistake. Surprised the chat room didn't catch me on it. They must have been sleeping! I was able get it working correctly after the show.