The Home Server Show – 12 HP MediaSmart Server Update

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6 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work.

    I agree mostly with your comment about anti-virus vendors. A lot of them have become increasingly "untrustworth" an unusable. Though, I don't agree with not having a AV program installed on your server. But then again, I probably do a lot more on (read "to") my server than most. And I'm very paranoid about viri.

    And I hope this does push HP into either offering new "improved" models and offering upgrades to existing customers. Again, if they heavily tested WHS, 1GB is a great spot. And one stick of 2GB of DDR2 $30-40 for consumers, and I'm sure they get bulk discounts.

    And while PVConnect is a neat product, I keep on hearing that TVersity is much better. :)

    And yet another great show. Don't you dare stop! 😛

  2. allenc3 says:


    Your HSS podcast is excellent and needed. You have a good voice for it and your humble and professional attitude makes the show very listenable. I appreciate the research and testing that you do and find the results useful.

    Your chastising HP for the recent messy release of Add-Ins in show 12 was accurate and tastefully done. Speaking as someone who has six HP PC's in the house, I can say we all expect better of HP.

    I will not install the anti-virus Add-In either but I do appreciate HP releasing one for those who want it. I have been running a PC in the 'Net 24×7 for nine years and do not run anti-virus software. I have never had a virus. Why waste all those CPU cycles on something that does nothing?

    Keep up the good work,


  3. Christian says:

    Love the show David. Like Drashna I'm a bit paranoid about vira in my data. I'm running avast home free on all my home PCs and currently using the F-Secure beta on my WHS. That way I have two companies checking my data.

    As for a wish list I think it could be fun to list hardware ideas for future OEM WHS. Currently I'm happy with my recycled PC as a WHS. But a few years down the road I could imagine myself looking for a prebuild WHS. To me important aspects would be silent machine (no fans), low power consumption and excellent sleep/hibernate with no issues and lately I've been thinking it would be great to have built in battery and UPS type software to gracefully shut down the server in the event of a power loss and restart once power is restored. Of course the machine should support many drives and easy access for replacing them when needed – but I doubt I will ever need hot swap drives, I can shutdown my server for those occasions.

  4. Mark_R says:

    Please keep us updated on the streaming to the PS3 with PV Connect. Great show!