The Home Server Show 69

The Home Server Show 69

This week’s show is FULL of news.  I am joined by Jim and John and we go over tons of news items.  Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

HP’s Software update
A Retraction.  AVAST’s false positives.

Time Machine to WHS

PP3 and OpenDNS

Add-In: Lights Out

Add-In: P80

D-Link Camera Solution for WHS

More camera surveillance with WHS

Add-In: Perfect Disk for WHS

PP3 TV Archive and AC3

My Movies new release and trial link

Artigo A2000 Review

Remote Desktop for Windows7 versions that do not support RDP

WGS Reader Awards

The Digital Lifestyle Awards

Using Windows Home Server Reader Awards

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4 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    Just listened to the podcast 69 and heard the average guy mention that PP3 fixes connection problems with OpenDNS. Would you elaborate?

    I started using WHS while on OpenDNS and had problems connecting to the server. I became suspicious of OpenDNS and found that turning off the “Enable typo correction (and NX Domain redirection)” in the advanced settings fixed the problem. Of course for this to work OpenDNS needs to know you IP. I have a static IP, so it isn’t a problem. After listening to the podcast, I tried turning the setting back on and the problem returned, so I am assuming what you are talking about is something different. Perhaps there’s a problem I am not even aware of. Thank you in advance for any clarification.