The Home Server Show 22 – Windows Home Server Team Interview

The Home Server Show 22 – Windows Home Server Team Interview

CJ Saretto, Mark Pendergrast, Brendan Grant, and Jonas Svensson of the Windows Home Server team took time out of their schedule right before PDC2008 to talk to us.

YouTube Comments – View the comments here.

Wish List Addition – My PS3 and PVConnect will stream the AVI files that I record with my Canon point and shoot.  It also streams AVCHD files from my canon HG-10 HD camcorder.  My wish is that Media Center would do this so I don’t have to change over to the PS3 to view these files.

For a recap of PDC2008 mentioned in the show visit these links:

Microsoft’s Official PDC 2008 Site

Videos on Channel 9

Windows Home Server Team Blog

WinHEC – November 4th – 7th

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6 Responses

  1. diehard says:


    I would like to thank Brian Binnerup from My Movies who has now allowed a 21 day free trail of the WHS disk copier feature. The latest WHS addin update is it also includes basic CD copying. Head over to the My Movies forum to vote on what format you would like for CD ripping.

  2. I believe it was Ed that had the activation issue, and I have seen the same from various Windows cracks. I have experience mainly because I've had to remove them from people's computers.

    If he can, try booting into safemode and load up regedit. Find and delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWPAEvents" and delete the key. You will have to re-activate, but it should allow you to do so.

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