The Home Server Show 205

This is a nice light episode at about an hour in length.  I’m talking with Christopher Kenney and Jim Collison.  Chris is the forums admin for and he tells us about some adventures with spammers and some of the more popular topics.  Jim and I cover a little bit of news but nothing extravagent.  PogoPlug vs. TonidoPlug as well as some Microserver discussions.  It’s a laid back show so I hope you enjoy.

Special thanks to Chris for his work in the forums as well as John Zajdler, and Rich O’Neil for performing mod duties.  Mike Faucher, Michael Martis, and Jim Collison are also moderators.  I owe them a big thanks as well.

The YouTube of this episode is live on my channel:  

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Interested in helping with CES 2013?  PM Dave in the forums, or use the contact link on this blog. Launch! – Interested in Microsoft Surface?  Yep, we are too!

16 Gb RAM for N40L Microserver

SSD Card for the N40L Microserver
The Snoop-de-dupe add-in for WHS V1, WHS/SBS 2011, and Server 2012 Essentials has been updated to version 1.80.

DrivePool at it again!

HSS listeners can use the following coupon code :HOMESERVERSHOW  to get 10$ discount on TonidoPlug from their online store at  It will apply to first 25 units.

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