The Home Server Show 180

I crawled out from underneath my rock and found out how popular this Hunger Games stuff is.  Also, Microsoft drops a bombshell on the Media Center enthusiast crowd.  Media Center is now an add on software only on the Windows 8 Pro edition.  John, Jim, and Dave are dropped into the Hunger Games arena to battle it out on this issue.  Will a victor emerge?  Other topics include virtual machines on your home server, Windows 8 on the iPad, SkyDrive can tweet, Raid, and Drive Extender alternatives.  Enjoy.

Drive Bender

StableBit DrivePool

Virtual Box on Windows Home Server 2011

Windows Smart 2012

Zalman VE200

Splashtop runs Windows 8 on the iPad

Skydrive update

Media Center on Windows 8

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New features rolled out for episode 180.  HTML5 audio player on iOS and mobile platforms.  Visit the site with your phone and listen directly from your browser.  Also, new audio hosting.  No more cratering the website when a new show publishes.  Should be a faster download and this allows me to crank up the bitrate a little bit.

Hunger Games Side Note: I explain the Hunger Games story on the podcast and I was able to pick up the second book in the series and was blown away by the commercialization of the book/movie while looking for the second book.  I knew it was a popular among young readers and viewers but honestly had no idea of the extent of it.  It’s a good story, very easy to read, and I look forward to starting the second book but I don’t feel I’m lumped into the same category of the teen and star mania that I saw targeted on the store shelves.

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2 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Windows 8 Pro + Storage Spaces + Media Center addon = the homeserver I've always wanted. Run my tuner into my box directly and use Storage Spaces like Drive Extender. Homegroup makes everything accessible around the house and the coming addition of 'file fetch' through will allow streaming media access on the road. Homeserver as a standalone product may be gone in this or the next generation but I think we're seeing products coming from Microsoft that will allow a re-purposed computer to be a useful, flexible and accessible appliance.