The Home Server Show 177

Adam Thursby joins the podcast and we will talk about moving data from one PC to a Windows Home Server 2011 box and we’ll try not to lose any data in the process.  We also go over backups and redundancy options for Adam.  A little bit of news as well. Enjoy.

Audio experimentation continues with this episode. It’s breathy in spots and you may notice some spots where a mute key would have been handy! Dave is learning some new gear for future expansion.

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DMZ: VPN for Windows Home Server 2011

HP Microserver N40L Build and Bios Mod

About Adam Thursby

PC World and the WD Sentinel DX4000

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2 Responses

  1. Fast Charlie says:

    I can't remember if this was the episode where there was discussion about how to manage multiple shares for videos, and what can be done with RAID. A very easy solution is to add a new hard drive and use a mount point. This way it doesn't get a letter, but could be a folder called Movies2 for example.