The Home Server Show 140

Episode 140 is jam packed full of Windows Home Server goodness.  Alex Piskarev from dropped by to talk about StableBit, DrivePool, Scanner, and some interesting tools he developed for WHS v1’s backup database.  We have news and meetup chat as well.  Enjoy!


First Annual Home Server Show Meetup Location

Special thanks goes out to Drobo for sponsoring the Meetup.  Also thanks to KeepVault, CrashPlan, and Microsoft for providing items to give away.


Those database tools Alex discussed
Everything that Alex is up to here
Follow Alex on twitter – @covecube
Contact him here –

StableBit Scanner for WHS 2011, early build. Announcement on the blog in a few weeks.
Support and download of DrivePool

AWIECO DriveInfo updated
Drivebender’s future UI
Lights Out updated
humu humu
How to do a BIOS recovery of the MediaSmart Server
MyMovies for WHS and Media Center updated

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4 Responses

  1. JazJon says:

    I really enjoyed listing to Alex from StableBit. (Employee# 0000000001). The talks were very informative and I enjoyed learning about Alex's complete background and way of thinking. Listening to Alex swayed me to try Stablebit DrivePool over DriveBender. (and I'll be buying Scanner as well, I'm sure) I just posted a few minor suggestions for Scanner/DrivePool:

  2. JazJon says:

    P.S. Can you try to get the developer of DriveBender to do a podcast with you guys too? I'm going to try StableBit DrivePool first, but I can't say I exactly know enough about DriveBender yet. (and inquiring minds would like to know!)